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Inside Secure Device Provisioning 


Inside Secure provisioning equipment makes sure that secrets are not exposed or manipulated when provisioned at manufacturing time, and the innovative code protection and whitebox technology ensures that these secrets remain protected for the rest of the device’s lifetime. The solution doesn’t require any hardware security resource available on the device, however if available, it can be easily adapted to variety of common hardware and software architectures.

With Inside Secure solution, device makers can also remotely monitor the manufacturing process and even control it, without setting foot at the manufacturing site. It simplifies provisioning and make it affordable to all device makers. The client environment can be further secured through the application of secure boot, code protection and Whitebox technologies.

Flexible provisioning for IOT

Features & Benefits

  • Cost effective to meet your budgetary needs (light configuration, low maintenance)
  • Flexible provisioning to meet your device specific needs (single or two-stage provisioning)
  • Over 425 millions devices provisioned successfully
  • Over 75 licensed customers, from chipset makers and OEMs, to service providers
  • The world’s first independent provisioning service


Best in Show Inside Secure Flexible Provisioning Award