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Enhanced Security

256-bit encryption strength and hardened key management

FIPS and NIST Compliance

FIPS 140-2-certified cryptographic module and NIST compliant key management

High Performance

Taking full advantage of multi-processors to ensure top performance

Product description

GUARD DAR replaces native Android cryptographic libraries with SafeZone FIPS cryptographic module (FIPS140-2 certificate #2389).

GUARD DAR takes special care of properly protecting the encryption key. The key is protected by SafeZone FIPS certified crypto module in compliance with NIST Special Publication 800-132. As the crypto module is running in the user space, the keys are not distributed in both user space and kernel, as in the native Android solution. Instead, only a key identifier is passed to the kernel.

GUARD DAR integrates seamlessly in Android devices to provide higher security without modifying the existing user interface.

Despite using higher-strength encryption, GUARD DAR has consistently delivered a read-and-write performance better than the native Android solution. The data encryption (XTS-AES with 256 bit strength) is accelerated using native instruction set on ARMv8 or on x86 (AES-NI).

Other information


Technical features

  • dm-crypt

  • eCryptfs

  • FIPS 140-2 certified cryptographic module

  • AES-XTS with 512 bits key length

  • Key management compliant with NIST800-132.

  • Leverage device multi-processing capability

  • No extra daemons on device

  • Improved device encryption time

  • Write speed similar to unencrypted data

  • Read speed well over native Android

  • No changes required to the Android UI