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Easy to integrate: well documented API allows to integrate once, and use FIPS or non-FIPS crypto

Highly portable: written in highly-portable C source code, it ensures consistent security accross platforms

 Robust security: built according to FIPS140-2 principles, it provides the core security IoT platforms need

Product description

GUARD FIPS Security Toolkit is a portable software cryptographic toolkit allowing IoT device and platform makers to deploy the security they really need. It provides well integrated modules for FIPS certified cryptography, TLS/DTLS protocols, integration with OpenSSL, x.509 certificate libraries, all commonly used cryptographic functions. It is a solution to replace RSA/BSAFE.

This solution is built around the widely deployed SafeZone FIPS cryptographic module, a compact and portable cryptographic library validated by NIST (certificate #2389) that has been designed to provide high performance on resource-constrained environments. It supports a wide range of architecture (ARMv6, ARMv7, ARMv8, ARM64, x86, x86-64 …) and operating systems (Linux, Android, iOS, FreeRTOS, Trustonic TEE…).

Other information



  • Accelerate time to market with proven security
  • Reduce risks with professional security
  • Professional support
  • Regular updates by cryptographic experts
  • Support many platforms with one security solution
  • Adapt the security level to market needs

FIPS revalidation service

  • Vendor affirmation of SafeZone FIPS cryptographic module for new platforms
  • Revalidation from a certified lab of SafeZone FIPS cryptographic module for new platforms
  • Rebranding of SafeZone FIPS cryptographic module to get a FIPS140-2 certified module in your name in only 2 months.