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State-of-the-art, modular secure content distribution system: Licensable headend and device components; SoC hardware-based security with unique secrets per chip if available.

High security, hardware enforced (if available) with No Smart Card Required - Reduces Consumer Electronic BOM; a significant life time cost savings.

Applications - Any application where moving high value, at risk content, needs to be protected.

Product description

Licensable, state-of-the-art, highly secure Pay TV CAS system that utilizes SoC hardware based security with unique secrets per chip. This provides high security, hardware enforced root of trust with No Smart Card Required. This significantly reduces STB BOM; a significant life time cost savings to operators.

This system is ideal for small to large operators and is qualified for Cable, IPTV, Digital Terrestrial and Satellite systems. It supports a wide range of STB chip choices. SST security in every major SoC on the market and has been integrated/qualified with major encoder vendors. It also has been integrated with major Billing, SMS, & Customer Care systems.

Key features

SST Modular Headend Components

  • Components of content protection system offered separately or as part of an integrated system
  • Conditional Access Database (CADB) secure data management application

> CADB maintains mappings between Products and Subscribers

  • Entitlement Management Message Generator (EMMG)

> Generates Entitlement Management Messages (EMMs) destined for individual or all STBs in a broadcast population

  • Entitlement Control Message Generator (ECMG)

> Generates Entitlement Control Messages (ECMs) for use in CW calculations

  • Secure Media GateKeyper (SMG) Server

> Key generation system for secure data and content distribution

  • Web screens for a sample Subscription Management System (SMS)

> Sample SMS provided for trial integration and demonstration purposes


Secure Media Kernel (SMKTM)

  • The Secure Media Kernel (SMKTM) is a modular library utilized by the STB or Consumer application to receive and process Headend messages and is responsible for processing service renewals, activation and deactivation commands received from the Headend
Other information

SST system has been audited and approved by three Studio Approved Auditing Companies

Farncombe, a Cartesian Company – Audit qualified until 2020



Independent Security Evaluators (ISE)