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Allows faster development cycle & time-to-market

Brings compliance with PlayReady, Widevine, Verimatrix and FairPlay to a wide range of TEE already supported

Full control through the API to all the DRM functions: DRM Client Management, Content Management, Rights Management, Content Access and MMI Callbacks

Product description

Content Protection Toolkit is a software DRM Embedded agent designed to be easily deployed on a wide range of content delivery devices platforms, under Android or Linux, where software components are protected by TEE and TrustZone integration, code obfuscation and other anti-tampering mechanisms.

Content Protection Toolkit can be integrated with Secure Content Paths provided by chipset vendors. It also integrates with HDCP and DTCP technologies to ensure robust content delivery to multiple screens.

It incorporates a technology providing a modular architecture that allows fast and easy integration on any platform, with any multimedia framework and any operating system including Android and Linux. It has been validated with all commercially deployed DRM servers and enables playback on multiple screens using HDMI, HDCP 2.0 / Miracast or DTCP-IP / DLNA connections. It uses several different technologies to deliver the most secure and robust content protection platform in the industry. Besides secure OS support, it comes with hardened software code to fulfill the highest security requirements for premium 4K/Ultra HD and HDR content.




It's a multi-DRM supporting PlayReady, Widevine, Verimatrix, and FairPlay (to come); and multimedia formats whether online, offline or hybrid including adaptive streaming (HTTP Live Streaming, Smooth Streaming and MPEG-DASH) and offline/download playback capabilities including complete file, progressive download and cached streaming. It is extensively tested to guarantee interoperability with commercially deployed DRM servers, including Content Protection Server solutions.  

Content Protection Toolkit architecture provides the option to be customized to take advantage of existing hardware platform components such as Secure Content Path, cryptography, secure key storage and data storage. Inside Secure provides extensive support during the platform and application integration process and, if required, can even lead the design of the DRM integration.

Other information
Key Features

Fully secure modular architecture

  • Leverages hardware security based on trusted execution environment (TEE) architecture and ARM Trust Zone,
  • Meets security compliance and robustness rules as required by leading service and content providers
  • Allows fast and easy integration on any platform, with any operating system, including Android and Linux
  • Can be integrated after device production via over-the-air mechanisms

Off-the-shelf solution

  • Available for the leading application processors and operating systems
  • Certified by leading content and service providers
  • Field-proven

Robust Solution for high-end applications and services

  • Enables playback on multiple screens using HDMI, HDCP 2.0 or DTCP-IP / DLNA connections
  • Supports simultaneous services that use the same DRM implementation
  • Compatible with 4K/Ultra HD and HDR premium content distribution
  • Provides extensive support of multiple Digital Rights Management (DRM) schemes, including:
  • Microsoft PlayReady SL3000
  • Google Widevine
  • Verimatrix ViewRight
  • Apple FairPlay (coming soon)