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The most  invisible watermark on the market

Resilient solution to screen grabbing and stream capturing from HDMI

Easy integration with existing content distributors infrastructures

Product description

Piracy of video content has never been so easy. The level of hacking skills required to obtain content from open devices is now lower than it’s ever been. Adding to this the availability of high-speed internet around the world and you have all the necessary components for creating a piracy service. 


Current protection systems protected the content up until the display, but they do not protect content from screen scraping or HDCP ripping. In order to deter post-display piracy other counter-measures have to be put in place in order to allow content owners to recognize and stop illegal streams.


Protecting live streams like premium sports require to identify within minutes and shutdown an illegal source of streaming. Nexguard has developed QuickMark a forensic watermarking technology that is implemented on the client side and allows for quick extraction of the watermark from a short video sample. This technology has been integrated in Inside Secure Content Protection Client that thanks to its security functionalities makes sure that the watermark is retrieved on the device, not tampered with and correctly inserted in the decoded video.


Coupling this with an Advanced Anti-Piracy Monitoring Service, this will provide you with the capability to find, trace & shut down streams within minutes.


Inside Secure and Nagra allow you to identify the subscriber without changing your current encoder, server manifest, storage and bandwidth requirements and CDN infrastructure.


Nagra and Inside Secure together will allow you to:


Securely insert a unique watermark per subscriber in every stream. Inside Secure delivers an SDK (iOS and Android) that already integrates the QuickMark watermarking client library. This SDK is protected with Inside Secure’s award-winning protection technologies like code and data obfuscation and anti-tampering, rooting/jailbreak detection, anti-screen recording and anti-clock rollback and secure communications with the QuickMark server.


With Nagra Anti-Piracy you will be able to search and retrieve illegal streams from which the watermark can be extracted to pin-point the origin of the pirate stream in a matter of minutes.


This solution will be transparent to your streaming infrastructure since everything happens on the client-side. Only integrate Inside Secure’s Content Protection Client with Watermarking in your current OTT application and you will have a mean to react to piracy in real-time.


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