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Advertising Protection Solution 

Downloadable solutions for Secure Playback

We help Content Publishers preserving their revenues. Inside Secure harnesses its security expertise to prevent online advertising revenue loss in an increasingly challenging environment for OTT content providers.

Content Protection Client HD for Desktop

Downloadable solutions for Secure Playback

Premium OTT movie and TV streaming services are growing fast. Consumers today want them to be available all the time - whether they are watching on mobile devices or their Macs and PCs. With the 2015 end-of-life announcement for Microsoft’s Silverlight on Edge and Chrome browsers, desktop users (PC, Mac, Linux stations) were left without a solution to play premium video securely. Now, Inside Secure’s Content Protection Client HD for Desktop addresses this need by enabling these rich content services to be streamed securely to Mac, PC, and Linux platforms.

Content Protection Client

Downloadable solutions for Secure Playback

Multimedia consumers expect easy and convenient access to the latest movies and TV shows wherever they are. Inside Secure enables content and service providers to securely deliver premium content to virtually any connected device the way users want it, online or offline, for use cases like video-on-demand, live and catch-up TV.

Content Protection Server

Downloadable solutions for Secure Playback

Inside Secure Content Protection Server is a fifth generation, interoperable, server-side Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution. Designed for wireless and wireline operators and service providers, Content Protection Server implements and extends multiple DRM technologies such as Microsoft PlayReady and Google Widevine DRM while providing common integration interfaces.

Content Protection Server, Batch Protector Component

Downloadable solutions for Secure Playback

The easiest way to ensure a secure content distribution is to deliver it encrypted, which is what Content Protection Server, Batch Protector Component does: server-side encryption and secure delivery!

It's easy to deploy and supports multiple formats from CFF to MPEG-DASH.

Content Protection Client, Essential Agent

Downloadable solutions for Secure Playback

Content Protection Client, Essential Agent, content playback and protection software solution is an extended set of media player functions together
with a robust conception with software active hardening to defeat pirates’ attempts to steal premium content.

Content Protection Client Premium HD

Downloadable solutions for Secure Playback

Consumers increasingly expect full access to movie and video programming on any device, anywhere, any time. With the advent of today’s new early-window Premium VOD and Ultra High Definition (UHD) format, securing premium content on all these devices is more critical than ever. Inside Secure’s Content Protection Client Premium HD addresses this need by enabling these richer content services to be streamed securely to mobile phones, broadband-connected TVs, tablets, and PCs.

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Movie Studio licensing requirements demand that premium content is protected from theft at every point in the consumption lifecycle.

Standardization bodies like GlobalPlatform and SCSA (Secure Content Storage Association) along with companies like MovieLabs (a joint-venture started by the six major movie studios) have issued specifications and guidelines to help technology and device providers satisfy these new security requirements.

To meet the stronger security guidelines set for HD/4K/Ultra-HD/HDR premium content, service providers must have a more robust and adaptive digital rights management (DRM) system.

This means that any successful hacking of a DRM system must be limited to a single platform. This in turn limits the piracy of distributed content.

The specifications also mandate the availability and use of a secure execution environment, as well as hardware Root of Trust (to make sure sensitive software is protected against software attacks) and the secure protection of outputs.

Last but not least, these new requirements include forensic watermarking so that information can be collected to address any breaches that may occur.

Adaptive Digital Rights Management (DRM) system

Inside Secure® provides Hollywood Studio-approved end-to-end multi-DRM server and client solutions on multiple platforms, including Android and iOS/tvOS, for mobile devices, smartTVs and set top boxes.

The company’s leading expertise enables content monetization while offering best-in-class access wherever, whenever, from any device.

More than 100 companies among the major studios, broadcasters, telecom operators, device manufacturers already rely on Inside Secure’s content protection solutions.
More than 120 million users benefit from these technologies today. Inside Secure’s hardware-software security combination is a perfect fit for the most demanding content protection requirements including for 4K/Ultra-HD and HDR content.

White paper: Seamless DRM for Mobile and Multi-Screen Content Services