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Manages the Mobile Payment ecosystem on the Issuing bank’s behalf

Available On-premise or as a Cloud service

Fully certified and approved

Product description

Convenient Payments

Mobile Payment Server Connects to Token Services from Visa and MasterCard to enable HCE Payments

Increasingly, the benefit of providing a seamless payment experience is being realised. From banks using mobile payments to increase engagement with their mobile application – allowing services and products to be connected; to merchants wanting to create the “Uber” effect. Inside Secure's Mobile Payment Solutions are designed to deliver this experience.


Manages the Ecosystem

Inside Secure’s Mobile Payment Server enables the service provider to manage their Mobile Payment ecosystem: interacting with their customers, handling the life-cycle of customers’ devices and enabling their customer support teams. This allows our customers to build a frictionless payment experience into their products.



Tokenisation provides a smooth route to deploying mobile payments. The first use case has been tap-and-pay contactless transactions. Inside Secure firmly believes that this is only the beginning and that the real strength of Tokenisation is to power many new types of convenient payments from mobile applications.

Inside Secure’s Mobile Payment Server is pre-integrated with the Token Services from MasterCard and Visa (MDES and VTS). Enabling a rapid deployment by our customers.


On-premise or Cloud

Choice is a wonderful thing. Inside Secure gives its customers the option to deploy the Server within their own data centres – giving them complete control; or to connect to a Cloud service for a hands-off, fast route to market.

Inside Secure operates the Cloud services from within a PCI-DSS certified environment.


Fully Certified and Secure

When handling money, it is important to keep that money safe. This means all the components within payment services need to be approved.

Inside Secure’s Mobile Payment Server has achieved all the approvals necessary from MasterCard and Visa – for functionality, integration and security.

Inside Secure operates the Cloud services from within a PCI-DSS certified environment.

All this gives our customers confidence that the Mobile Payment Server is highly secure, easy to connect to Visa and MasterCard, and rapid to deploy.

Other information

Inside Secure Mobile Payment Server:

  • Pre-integrated to MasterCard's MDES acting as a Payment Application Service (PAS)
  • Pre-integrated to Visa's VTS acting as a Mobile Application Platform (MAP)
  • Push messaging aggregator
  • Manages customer verification (either directly or indirectly)
  • Manages customer devices
  • Manages tokens and the associated payment product metadata