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You retain full control of business-critical Static Keys - these can never be shared by other white-box implementations 

Architectures are uniquely customisable by the developer, ensuring attackers can't anticipate how to analyse and attack

Highly efficient code-transformation ensures high performance, even in restricted devices such as Mobile Platforms and IoT

Product description

Inside Secure’s latest Whitebox3.0 software security builds on numerous years of successful integrations for top developers to offer the best technology for hiding data and cryptography on mobile and exposed devices. It brings new levels of protection, performance and controlby protecting cryptographic keys and algorithms inside applications and within an exposed environment (like a mobile phone).


Our proven Whitebox technology dissolves cryptographic keys into code. This hides it from anyone spying on the code or its execution. This is coupled with countermeasures (both cryptographic and obfuscation based) to defend against attacks on the Whitebox. This provides strong protection for the cryptographic algorithm, keys and ultimately the data the crypto is being used to keep secret.


Inside Secure Whitebox 3.0 gives customers unprecedented control and flexibility. By providing customers with tools to generate their own whiteboxes, it gives them flexibly to define and implement the software architectures they need. Being able to generate the whiteboxes themselves means they are the only entity that has control over the keys that unlock the whiteboxes.

Other information

Cryptography plays a significant role in modern applications. Basic data encryption is now commonplace and many applications make use of cryptography to verify the integrity of data, authenticate external parties, and to establish secure communications.

When used correctly, cryptographic solutions can allow these operations to be performed with a high degree of confidence in the security that they provide.

However, almost all cryptographic operations rely on secrets, typically in the form of symmetric keys or private keys. If a hacker can gain access to these secrets, then the cryptographic operations that depend upon them immediately become insecure. With standard cryptographic solutions, this is a relatively trivial task for any attacker that has direct access to the application.

This is particularly true when Mobile devices have been jail-broken or rooted by their owners, but in reality, all devices can be compromised by hackers without the consent of their owners.

Data on mobile devices is particularly vulnerable. Hackers can easily compromise the device environment and applications in minutes, allowing them to steal users’ Personal Data credentials, leak data from Banking and Enterprise solutions and to make fraudulent payment transactions.

This is the reality that application developers face today.

More so than ever before, hackers are already on your devices and inside your applications. For cryptography to remain secure, cryptographic solutions must protect your secrets against direct attacks.

Learn how Inside Secure's Code Protection Tool can keep your wider application safe.

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