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Security remains the top concern for consumers who are thinking about banking or making financial transactions on their mobile devices.

Risk teams in any financial Institution need to understand and manage the real risks of tampering with mobile devices and then do a good job of reassuring consumers that their devices are secure. Unless the software managing processes and authentication on mobile devices are able to operate regardless of the device state, Jailbreaking or Rooting and other Operating System and App vulnerabilities will allow illicit access to apparently secure Apps and Data. This must be solved.

We see that traditional IT protection tools have been promoted for mobile platforms but have real risks:

  • Anti-malware, anti-virus are notoriously difficult to manage, even when an enterprise owns the device
  • Users themselves own all access to their own devices and so have to cooperate to make it work
  • Such techniques rarely work anyway

The only constant on which financial services can rely is the software application it creates and maintains. Inside Secure’s proven solution makes mobile applications self-defending.

Mobile devices defending themselves

The foundation on which other security layers can be built are using strong binary protection and anti-tampering techniques. This allows the applications to run securely even when the underlying device has been compromised. Financial enterprises are looking for technologies to protect their own internal and customer-facing secure apps, linking these together to ensure these trusted applications are protected even if the device is Rooted, Jailbroken or Compromised by malware.

The uniquely automated nature of our technology not only ensures that all developers can protect every app they develop. Inside Secure provides you the ability to protect shared pre-compiled libraries allows for components to be built one and share across multiple development teams.

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