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 Solutions to Antipiracy

In the enterprise world, content protection is often about confidentiality and legal concerns. For media and publishers, it's about making sure content or intellectual property isn't stolen or illegally reproduced.

When your digital files or texts are transferred with the click of a button, or posted on a new site with a simple copy and paste, concerns about copyright go into overdrive. Content security has come a long way since Napster’s first days, when college kids started trading music files like baseball cards.

Piracy continues to affect companies from movie studios to book publishers to video game makers. Online piracy accounts for billions of dollars in lost revenue to the movie industry alone in the United States. Content producers are fighting back with anti-piracy measures and fighting for new laws to protect copyright material.

DRM SDKs are designed to give you a secure framework for Mobile App developers wishing to access licensed content; however these SDKs can only protect themselves. There are instances when personal data, account information and even payment information may be added to the SDK - these must also be protected. The reputational damage of a breach will be significant.

Many streaming apps rely on advertising revenue in their business model. Unlike the pure subscription model, these apps are entirely dependent on the ability to demonstrate to advertisers that their message is seen along with the streamed content. Unfortunately, while the DRM may be secure and deliver the content such that piracy and illegal downloads are prevented, the stripping of these ads is not. It is a relatively trivial attack for a hacker to simply remove the advertising content – again, damaging the revenue stream

Secure content protection technologies to protect DRM and Over The Top (OTT) premium content in any device

We secure solutions that work with multi-device use

Your content protection is being enhanced via solutions that emphasize multi-device usage, the protection of both linear and on-demand content, and the use of content identification for both forensics and new monetization models. This need for robust security implementation on connected devices is strongly increasing. Content providers, content distributors, and video & platform solution providers need our best-in-class security solutions to protect the streaming of premium high-value content (e.g. 1080p, 4K/UHD and beyond (High Dynamic Range)) combining software and hardware technology, cost effectiveness with one solution addressing technology fragmentation (OS, DRM, Streaming protocols, devices…).

Our solutions secure DRM, consumer account information and payment data across all platforms including Mobile, Smart TV, Set-Top and Desktops to enable digital media content to be delivered to all legitimate consumers of viewing devices, while ensuring the delivery services, licensing systems and revenue streams remain protected. With our security, the viewing and business options grow for digital media service providers and partners.

See how Inside Secure can protect you at the heart of your offering.

Protecting your content anywhere, anytime from any device

Inside Secure provides Content Protection downloadable solutions as the necessary tools from server to mobile, allowing content owners and providers to safely distribute OTT premium content.

Multi-DRM, multiple protocols supported, with a wide range of player features: the Content Protection downloadable series cover server encryption only or DRM integration, and mobile DRM decryption to full player protected features.

Inside Secure provides the components required by MovieLabs for the delivery of up to 4K content on STB, SmartTVs or mobile devices to manufacturers who are looking for an embedded DRM solution.