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Neal Michie

Mobile World Congress 2018: Creating a More Secure Future

Mobile World Congress 2018: Creating a More Secure Future

It’s almost mandatory to start any Mobile World Congress blog by pointing out that no-one goes to MWC anymore to see the latest mobile phones. This was doubly true this year after the big Samsung launch was leaked before the event. The leak was through an attack on their mobile app – something that is easy to defend against. I wonder what it cost them marketing pizazz.


So, if not to see the new phones why do 110,000 people descend on Barcelona every year?




For Inside Secure it was fascinating to see how the technology we’ve developed has moved from targeting single markets to being applicable across the mobile space. Our Strong Customer Authentication demo on the HPE stand attracted interest from diverse markets such as finance, content distribution, enterprise and automotive manufacturers.




With finance getting to grips with PSD2, the interest in strong authentication was no surprise; but automotive companies?! But when you think about it, cars are becoming increasingly connected, strong authentication is an important part of accessing any online service.


We were also showing how the breadth of Inside Secure technologies across payments, content protection and strong authentication combine to create slick and secure user experiences for the Over The Top (OTT) content providers. That’s one of the great things about working at Inside; disproving the truism that security and user experience are a trade-off, and instead using foundational security to create better user experiences.


One example of that is the expansion of our Mobile Payments solution to include Masterpass QR.


MWC demo


Anyway, the crazy but highly enjoyable 4 days is now over until next year. All that’s left to do is get home. Not that easy for this attendee given the weather at home… wish me luck.

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