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Security for a new kind of interactive video app

To provide a new type of experience for the viewer, the director was seeking to deliver:

         ... a branching narrative piece

         ... a more elegant, intuitive form of engagement than used to be possible

         ... "I wanted it to be a simple, intuitive experience." Steven Soderbergh, Director

Director Steven Soderbergh unveils "MOSAIC" interactive storytelling series



Collaboration with commercial and IT group

Content protection needed to enable secure distribution to Andoid mobile devices. MOSAIC was first freely offered as an interactive app on the Google Play store (“MOSAIC app”). Then, in 2018, MOSAIC was distributed as a linear six-part program by HBO (watch the trailer).

Inside Secure created a modular software DRM solution for direct, easy integration into PodOp’s innovative new app. Based on the off-the-shelf Google ExoPlayer, it required minimal integration efforts for the developer while providing features such as:

         - Downloadable solution, always updated without any hardware or firmware update requirements

         - Approved Hollywood-studio-grade security

         - Efficient anti-piracy / DRM transparent to user

         - Single cost-effective solution addressing OS, DRM, streaming & device fragmentation

         - Provides a delivery migration path to UHD / Premium Video (early-window), including Forensic Watermarking

         - Path to other innovations - ad protection, strong authentication, in-app payment 

“PodOp is changing the way stories are crafted and experienced. Our proprietary technology, tools, and scalable infrastructure let filmmakers tell interactive stories at scale. Inside Secure was a great security partner for us as we developed MOSAIC, helping protect our interactive storytelling format as well keep our innovative content secure from piracy.”

- Casey Silver, Co-Founder, PodOp


Re-designed content protection across platforms and devices

Three years in the making, MOSAIC is an innovative film experience powered by PodOp Studios and directed by Emmy- and Academy Award-winning director Steven Soderbergh. Starring Sharon Stone, Garrett Hedlund, Frederick Weller, Beau Bridges, and Paul Reubens, MOSAIC launched as an app this fall and was released as a linear television series in January 2018.

Inside Secure Content Protection Client (previously SAFEplayer) prevents security breaches in this ground-breaking interactive media programming that the Boston Globe calls "the new frontiers of narrative" and WIRED says “looks as slick as anything you’re likely to catch on cable this month.”

Inside Secure has a history of doing first-ever deployments to assist Tier-1 services, helping protect cutting-edge streaming content on new devices.