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This paper answers the questions for payment card issuing banks considering a mobile payment strategy, allowing a sensible business strategy to be put in place.

Mobile Payment is an exciting, fast moving arena to operate within. For all the hype and enthusiasm there are equally as many naysayers. This is natural for a market that has yet to settle down and mature; but leads to a lot conflicting opinions and sometimes downright incorrect information being pushed into the market. All this noise makes short term, never mind long term, planning appear difficult.

As an active participant in the market, it is important to be able to analyze the facts with a clear head and clear objectives. Only then is it possible to make sensible decisions that will support your business in the long term.

A common approach to dealing with the noise is to “wait and see”. Unfortunately, given that currently 30% of payments globally originate from mobile devices and in developed markets it is already reaching 50%, consumers are starting to expect Mobile Payment services. This means that delaying will leave space in the market for new players and the traditional providers will be left playing catch up - never a good position to be in.

Very simply, the time to start developing Mobile Payment services is now.

To quiet the noise, allowing the decision making process to progress, key questions need to be answered:

• What is the market potential of Mobile Payment services?

• What ecosystem will support the market?

• Which of the competing solutions within the ecosystem will win out?

• What does my business gain from this new market?

By taking a logical approach, each of these questions can be answered in a straightforward manner. These answers can then form the basis of a positive business strategy

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Infographic : Take the HCE Payment Journey with us