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Securing SSL/TLS: Exploits, Hacks, and Bugs : "Oh my!"

Is SSL/TLS a broken, obsolete protocol, and security risk for your enterprise?

SSL/TLS Foundations. A current look into the world’s most widely deployed security protocol

The news is constantly filled with stories of data breaches, hacks, and private data being stolen on a wide scale.  SSL/TLS is the world’s most widely deployed security protocol and is relied on by millions of enterprises and individuals to keep data safe.  Is it still up for the job?  
The rash of exploits and bugs in popular implementations like OpenSSL (HeartBleed, Poodle, etc.) have further eroded faith in the protocol.  


Join INSIDE Secures’ webinar covering “SSL/TLS Foundations, a current look into the world’s most widely deployed security protocol” to find out the potential risks. This is factual presentation of the protocol, its flaws and how it should be implemented properly for maximum security.


By attending this webinar you will learn:

  1. A brief history of SSL and its transition to TLS.
  2. Overview of recent TLS attacks and their true impact.  Is the protocol broken?
  3. TLS foundations and technical deep dive.
  4. A look into certifications: what does FIPS certification really buy you?


This free live webinar is for managers, product managers, engineers, and CTOs or anyone with curiosity into how SSL/TLS works or are concerned with the security of their SSL deployment.  Attendees will gain a solid understanding of the inner workings of the SSL/TLS protocol, popular SSL/TLS implementations in the market, and security issues surrounding the protocol.


  • Presenter: J Harper, Director of R&D at INSIDE Secure
  • Moderator: Steve Lokos, Enterprise Segment Marketing Manager INSIDE Secure
  • Date: Tuesday November 17th, 2015
  • Time: 2PM Eastern 

J Harper is a Director of R&D at INSIDE Secure


J Harper is a Director of R&D at INSIDE Secure, responsible for development of secure protocol products.  Previously, J was the founder and CEO of PeerSec Networks, creating the first and most widely deployed embedded SSL/TLS library MatrixSSL.  MatrixSSL is now part of INSIDE Secure's toolkit product line, securing billions of devices and over 100 commercial customers.

J has been in the security space for over 15 years with the majority of that time focused on SSL/TLS related research and product development.