Hardware Roots-of-Trust for secure boot, secure storage, secure communication and secure debug enablement. 

Size and power optimized with CPU offloading of crypto operations.

Chacha20-Poly1305 AEAD and Curve25519 support (X25519 & EdDSA)

Product description

VaultIP-140 is a Silicon IP developed to protect the SoC platform and its operation so it can securely boot SoCs and protect sensitive key material and assets. It is designed to provide secure, energy efficient and accelerated security functions. VaultIP integrates all the required cryptographic and security functions on board to build trusted solutions.

Vault-IP-140 for Secure Content Storage (SoC) platform scheme

The VaultIP-140 security module includes an extensive set of cryptographic services and functions that are executed independently from the general purpose computing resources. 

Vault-IP-140 platform protection scheme
Other information

Accelerated time to market:

  • 10+ years silicon-proven implementation,
  • Saves men years of engineering,
  • Delivered as a synthesizable Verilog RTL source code
  • Fast and easy to integrate into SoCs,
  • Integrates with a wide range of OTP technologies,
  • Driver Development Kit,
  • Complete document set,
  • World-class technical support from security experts.

Size & power optimized with ad-hoc performance grade:

  • Embedded uC with tailored instruction-set
  • Configurable number of mailboxes to match the SoC architecture,
  • Configurable asset store size,
  • Tightly integrated crypto data plane build upon carefully pre-selected hardware accelerators,
  • Offloads crypto computations from the main CPU,
  • 10x-100x improvement on performance and power consumption compared to software implementations (depends on use cases).

An ecosystem to secure your applications:

  • Platform Secure boot with SecureBoot-TK: a complete toolkit to develop boot loaders and sign images,  
  • TLS/DTLS secure communications with SSL-TK: Inside Secure TLS stack,
  • Specialized Silicon IPs that plugs onto VaultIP secure key socket for disk encryption, HDCP, IPSec/MacSec, …  
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Vault-IP software ecosystem:

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