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Secure Asset Store

Protected software execution on RISC-V processor

Side Channel and Physical attacks protection

Product description
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Inside Secure Programmable Root-of-Trust features a RISC-V 32-bit CPU and is delivered with its application development framework. It is based on Inside Secure’s silicon-proven and widely-adopted Root-of-Trust Engine, formerly known as Vault-IP. It provides a rich set of symmetric, asymmetric, hashing and true random number generation services. Its Secure Asset Store controls the use of keys and enforces authorization policies. With the Programmable Root-of-Trust Engine, chipmakers can extend and tailor the cryptographic capabilities, the asset use policies and lifecycle management of the SoC to their needs. Platform boots, software updates, provisioning, data storage, cloud communications can now be operated from a secure and physically isolated entity. 

 Equipped to resist side channel and physical attacks, the Programmable Root-of-Trust Engine is an essential component of Inside Secure Root-of-Trust solutions.

Programmable RoT Engine

Other information
  • Application Development environnement and internal APIs provided
  • Driver Development Kit provided
  • Complete document set
  • Fully digital design
  • Saves men years of engineering
  • Optimized for size and power
  • Many configuration options
  • World-class technical support from security experts