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Enables multiple use cases with dynamic authentication policies, digital signatures (PKI) and TOTP technologies. 

State-of-the-art security, protecting your apps, online services and end users.

Integrate into your existing apps or deploy as a turnkey identity app.

Product description

Smartphones are personal and always with the users, which makes them natural devices to use as hardware tokens for strong authentication. Inside Secure Strong Authentication Client is a software development kit (SDK) for service providers and smartphone app developers to secure their app’s user authentication, and to enable the app as a security token for out-of-band authentication on other online service channels.

Other information

Mobile PKI and Biometrics

Inside Secure Strong Authentication Client generates and manages security keys and binds them with the underlying hardware. The keys + PIN or biometrics are used to authenticate the user and digitally sign transactions. Each authentication transaction has a dynamic authentication policy which defines how the user is authenticated, using a PIN, fingerprint, face recognition or even a combination of the methods.


OTP and other features

Strong Authentication Client can also generate standard TOTP codes for offline authentication, read Access Codes for passwordless authentication, can be remotely locked, unlocked and revoked, supports the use of multiple devices per each user, and includes several other features.


Active Transactions & Authentication Core (ATAC)

Securing authentication and other application software on smartphones platforms requires some heavy lifting. Inside Secure Strong Authentication Client and solution implements a comprehensive security framework for software based authentication tokens. The Active Transactions & Authentication Core integrates a set of client side software security, from data encryption, device binding, whitebox cryptography to code protection, and complements the solution with server side device and transaction integrity monitoring. When the Client is integrated with an existing app, Inside Secure Code and Tamper Protection tools can be used to protect the final app.