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Complements Mobile Connect services with biometrics support and state-of-the-art user experience.

Proven technology, pre-integrated with several commercial Mobile Connect Identity Gateways.

Designed for Mobile Connect, with SIM binding, mobile centric identity provisioning, etc.

Product description

User Experience is a critical success factor in consumer grade user authentication. Inside Secure Smartphone App Authenticator (SAA) is a turnkey strong authentication solution, complementing mobile operators’ Mobile Connect services with a state of the art usability both for consumers and service providers.

For consumers, Inside Secure SAA makes authentication quick, convenient and secure with an extendable biometrics support. For service providers, the solution offers transaction specific branding and flexibility for all the different use cases.

Inside Secure SAA is compliant with the GSMA Mobile Connect Smartphone App Authenticator specification. The authenticator supports digital signatures (PKI) and can meet the technical requirements of the highest Level of Assurance. The solution includes both a SAA Authentication Server and the mobile app technology for iOS and Android. 

Other information

Smartphone app designed for Mobile Connect

Inside Secure Smartphone App Authenticator is pre-integrated with several commercial Mobile Connect Identity Gateways. The solution is designed for Mobile Connect, including features like mobile centric identity provisioning, binding the app with a SIM and user’s subscription and providing an API for Identity Gateway to control the apps.



Active Transactions & Authentication Core (ATAC) 

Securing authentication and other application software on smartphones platforms requires some heavy lifting. Inside Secure Smartphone App Authenticator implements a comprehensive security framework for software based authentication tokens. The Active Transactions & Authentication Core integrates a set of client side software security, from data encryption, device binding, whitebox cryptography to code protection, and complements the solution with server side device and transaction integrity monitoring.