High grade security with a FIPS140-2 certified crypto and IPsec policy enforced in  Kernel


Widely used for enterprise access, government security and Voice over WiFi


Tested and validated in Inside Secure own interoperability laboratory

Product description

VPN Client enables robust authentication, confidentiality and data integrity developed in compliance over 90+ standard specifications required to work with the various flavors of IPsec. It is delivered as source code, either as a pre-loaded version for OEMs enforcing top security all the way to the kernel, or as a downloadable version that can easily be installed over the air. Both versions have excellent interoperability and complete feature set inherited from QuickSec IPsec Toolkit.

Customers regularly verify the interoperability of flagship devices at Inside Secure’s own interoperability laboratory.

The QuickSec team has worked on IPsec technology for 20 years (previously under SafeNet and AuthenTec) and co-authored the latest IKEv2 specification (RFC 7296). VPN Client is embedded in well over 100 million smartphones and tablets.