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Mobile Device Security

GUARD VPN Client (previously QuickSec® VPN Client) provides Android devices with a highly secure IPsec connection. Developed and maintained by security experts, it is widely used by tier 1 customers to meet the demanding requirements of governments, enterprises and operators.

It is available as a pre-loaded version for OEMs enforcing top security all the way to the kernel, and as a downloadable version.


Mobile Device Security

GUARD DAR (previously MatrixDAR) is a high performance, FIPS 140-2-certified encryption solution that protects data-at-rest (DAR) in today’s Android smartphones and tablets. GUARD DAR provides full disk encryption to both the device and its removable storage media. It allows Android device manufacturers to quickly and cost effectively integrate FIPS140-2 certified encryption capabilities to meet the demanding requirements of carriers and governments.

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GUARD products are shipping in volume through leading device vendors. They are delivered in source code to provide complete flexibility and transparency to our customers.

Mobile Device Security scheme