Allows faster development cycle & time to market

Whole OTT devices coverage (mobile, set-top box, connected TV, gaming consoles...)

Extended playback and market intelligence capabilities (fast startup to match TV zapping experience, immersive audio, analytics, ad insertion and management...)

Product description

One solution, multiple platforms, save time, get content approval, reduce cost, accelerate deployment

SAFEplayer is a robust client-side software solution that enables multi-DRM protected content playback and monetization on Apple iOS and tvOS, Google Android devices and Amazon FireOS. This client's security robustness has been approved by all major Hollywood studios and is used by more than 100 million people daily. A simple and common API across platforms allows the fast development of premium video applications.

By implementing the most popular DRM schemes (Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine and Verimatrix ViewRight) and by wrapping the entire code and data with the most robust software protection solution on the market, SAFEplayer guarantees security for content owners granting rights to their content for up to 1080p resolution.

Key Features

  • Multi-DRM support including Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine, Verimatrix ViewRight, Apple FairPlay
  • Proven robust security approved by major Hollywood studios
  • Integrity checking, obfuscation, whitebox crypto
  • AES-128 encryption
  • HLS, smooth streaming, DASH, CMAF
  • Subtitles, multi-audio, download and play, surround audio (DTS, Dolby, ...), analytics
  • Virtual reality, 360°
  • Android and iOS, tvOS, Android TV, browsers/PC, FireOS
  • Quality of service and usage intelligence analytics
  • Output protection


Other information

SDK Features

SAFEplayer for Android

SAFEplayer for iOS

OS compatibility

Android 2.3+

iOS 8+

Detailed documentation

Code simplification

Simple Integration via API


SAFEplayer for Android

SAFEplayer for iOS

PlayReady® DRM Compliance and Robustness Rules

Software PlayReady® with hardware security where supported   

Widevine™ DRM Compliance and Robustness Rules

Software Widevine™ with hardware security where supported   

Offline DRM and license storage

Anti-tampering, debugging protection, obfuscation, anti-swizzling (iOS)

Software Secure Video Path

Screen Recording Detection

Advanced Rooting Detection

Jailbreak Detection


Clock rollback prevention

Over the Air Renewability

Pre-integrated with SAFEserver (DRM license server with dynamic key generation)

Hollwood Studio Endorsed

Multiple Security Lab Certifications

Advanced Features

SAFEplayer for Android

SAFEplayer for iOS


HDCP enforcement, including HDCP 2.2

Application Protection [Core™, code transformation, integrity checkers, whitebox]


SAFEplayer for Android

SAFEplayer for iOS

Video on demand & live streaming


Downloader for local playback


(MPEG-DASH, HLS/iOS 10+, Smooth Streaming)

360 video

(MPEG-DASH, HLS, Smooth Streaming, MP4)


VOD and Live

Multiple instances of players (with DRM)


Subtitles and closed captions [SMPTE-TT, CEA608/708, WebVTT…]

Adaptive Streaming and Video Formats

SAFEplayer for Android

SAFEplayer for iOS


Smooth Streaming


Progressive .MP4 playback

Video codecs [Examples: H.264, H.265, VP9]

Hardware codecs & VP9 software decoder

Hardware codecs

SD/HD/UHD (on supported devices)

Encrypted PIFF


SAFEplayer for Android

SAFEplayer for iOS

Device, Player, Network and Multi-Media Framework

KPIs and Events for Quality of Service

Data collection and reporting to external system

Real-time Monitoring

Detailed Session View

Soft probe and intelligent error analysis


SAFEplayer for Android

SAFEplayer for iOS

Support Server and Client Ad Insertion

Support 3rd party Ad SDK and native VMAP/VAST

Google IMA


Freewheel SDK

Ad Tracking SDKs [Nielsen DCR/DTVR, comScore Analytics, Adobe Heartbeat…]

Ad Blocker Protection

Additional Devices

SAFEplayer for Android

SAFEplayer for iOS

Amazon Fire TV


Amazon Fire Stick


Android TV


Apple TV (tvOS)