Allows easy and fast integration & time-to-market

Minimum but secure encryption functionality for content delivery 

Multiple content formats support: HLS, PIFF, CFF, MPEG-DASH

Product description

Inside Secure Batch Protector is a Command-line Java app, which allows its deployment on major servers supporting Java.

It designed to encrypt any media content for example, adding Microsoft PlayReady DRM protection to content, and support the following outputs formats:

- HLS: Original or Custom; VoD and Live

- PIFF: VoD Smooth Streaming

- CFF: Standard, and UltraViolet light mode

- MPEG-DASH: Baseline and Main profiles

Other information

SAFEbatch protector has be combined with a License Server for an optimal security.

Inside Secure also provides SAFEserver that can be easily integrated with in order to deploy a full secure server solution.

SAFEserver end to end Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution scheme
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