Core integrates into your developers' build systems; any developer becomes a "security expert"

Core’s unique automated code-analysis eliminates human error from the complex process of building a secure App.

Core irrevocably intertwines Obfuscation and Integrity Networks to prevent illicit modification or Static and Dynamic analysis

Product description

Core provides powerful automated Software Application Protection tools applicable across Mobile, IoT, Desktop and Server platforms.

Core enables all software developers to automatically protect their programs ensuring that deployed Apps can defend themselves from hackers, pirates, targeted malware, insider betrayal and even hardware errors.

Relying on OS protection and sandboxes does not work are these are easily broken down. Equally, legacy solutions solutions such as root detection or simple obfuscation can be easily removed by hackers.

Powerful Integrity Network

This means that applications needs to be able to protect themselves. Core’s integrity checking (anti-tamper technology) does just that. The Integrity Network creates a strong foundation on which to build other security techniques (such as Obfuscation). Without this foundation, these other techniques are easily and quickly broken down by even novice hackers.

Behind the scenes, Core’s intelligent analysis and optimisation directs the Integrity System to distribute hundreds and thousands of security fragments throughout your source code, each constantly checking the program and each other - vastly increasing the task faced by hackers over legacy manual systems.

Protected software programs constantly check themselves for health at run-time, identifying even a single bit or byte out of place. Core checks are resistant to detection and automated removal techniques. If any change is made to the executable, multiple checks detect that change and respond.

Integrated directly with the Integrity Network, and further hardened by it, Core’s multiple powerful Obfuscation techniques render reverse engineering and static analysis impractical, ensuring that even elite hackers will move on to softer, less frustrating targets.

Core Obfuscation provides complete flexibility allowing multiple obfuscation techniques to be targeted at specific functions - providing complexity to be tuned to maximize efficacy, while meeting vital performance and code size requirements.

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Core protects against hackers who have unlimited access to deployed versions of the program, and to resist tampering and reverse-engineering even when hackers can experiment with copies of the protected programs over extended periods of time. A software program becomes its own protection system which cannot be switched off or separated out.

If a hacker tries to analyse, debug or attack the App, he will be faced with multiple pre-programmed responses, none of which allow him to understand the security architecture. He just knows that the App stops, crashed or calls for help.

Core is designed for all platform environments… especially high-performance, dispersed and highly hostile - including Mobile & IoT.

Core integrates directly into your software build system. The tools analyse your code both statically and dynamically then automatically injects an optimized schema of various security fragments into a copy of your source, which your developers then compile and build as normal.

Developers never have to interact with the structure of the protection or the codebase; this is all handled as part of the automated build process.

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Target Platforms
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Linux
  • macOS
  • Windows
Development Platforms
  • Linux
  • macOS (Xcode)
  • Windows
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