Hosted and Controlled by the Bank in its own, secure, trusted Data Centres

Direct connection to VTS and/or MDES

Manages the mobile payment ecosystem for the Issuing Bank

Product description
Walletserver secures mobile payment applications connection to the payment scheme tokenisation services

Inside Secure’s WalletServer provides the link between an Issuer Bank’s mobile applications and the services it enables. Pre-integrated with Visa’s VTS and MasterCard’s MDES, the Wallet Server allows Issuers to connect their mobile payment applications to the payment scheme tokenisation services in a straightforward and secure way.

WalletServer acts as the bridge between an Issuer's mobile wallets and payment apps and the back-end banking and tokenisation services. Hosted within the Issuer Bank's own secured data centres, these software products are all that is required to make the connection to VTS and MDES.

The role of WalletServer is to manage an Issuing Bank’s ecosystem for delivering mobile payments to its customers.

When connecting to VTS, WalletServer acts as a MAP (Mobile Application Platform); and when connecting to MDES, it acts as a PAS (Payment Application Server). In both cases, it is crucial part of the infrastructure for delivering tokenisation-based mobile payments.

The Wallet Server supports Mobile Payment Apps and Mobile banking apps integrated to URPay and Wallet.

Other information


  • Pre-integrated to MDES
  • Pre-integrated to VTS
  • Push messaging aggregator
  • Manages customer verification (either directly or indirectly)
  • Manages customer devices
  • Manages tokens and the associated payment product metadata