URPay supports leading Payment Scheme mPayment standards, delivering Contactless, In-App and mCommerce transactions, seamlessly

The URPay payment SDK allows integration with Mobile Banking Apps or the creation of Issuers’ own stand-alone Mobile Wallets.

Card Issuers need not expend energy on maintaining compatibility and certifictaion with OS changes, Specification updates and new security features.

Product description
URPay is a multi-scheme SDK (software development KIT) supporting both Visa and MasterCard

URPay is a multi-scheme SDK supporting both Visa and MasterCard simultaneously in a single, highly efficient code-base (with options to support other schemes). It has been proven globally in the field, including at the first ever-commercial HCE Payment App deployment in the United States.

URPay provides Mobile Payment functionality based on Host Card Emulation (HCE) and implements the leading payment brand standards in a highly secure environment. The SDK includes payment scheme logic and transaction data flows in compliance with the payment schemes’ standards reducing development time and minimising ongoing testing costs.

Issuer Bank’s development teams significantly reduce (by more than 80%) the time spent on coding homespun Wallets, re-inventing the wheel and on Scheme Certification and testing. Thus they can focus on meeting the Bank’s brand objectives and delivering a compelling user experience - which after all is the most important thing.

URPay is pre-integrated with the Visa Token Service (VTS) and the MasterCard Digital Enablement Service (MDES).

Inside Secure is a Visa Token Service integration partner making it ideally placed to accelerate Issuing banks’ integration to scheme tokenisation services. This provides banks with a smooth route to utilise the aggregation ability of these token services to develop their own wallet product.

URPay has been evaluated by external labs for compliance with MasterCard and Visa’s functional and security requirement. This has led to it being fully approved (both functional and security) by MasterCard and Visa.

Other information

A fundamental requirement of any payment product is that it must be secure. Without this, the organizations offering the service put themselves at risk of fraud and serious reputational damage. Equally, consumers will not use a financial service that they perceive to be insecure.

Securing Mobile Payment applications requires more than just data encryption. In addition, developers must secure the overall application code with its vital logic & processes, data, and cryptographic keys. URPay utilises Inside Secure’s software protection tools to make it extremely difficult and time-consuming for attackers to understand how a payment application works in order to compromise it.

Inside Secure is responsible for on-going HCE MasterCard and Visa Lab evaluation/certification, which are then “inherited” by Apps built from URPay. This saves Issuers and Partners a considerable expenditure and effort on 3rd Party testing and Functional Qualification.

URPay - Visa & MasterCard certified HCE Payment SDK

  • Pre-tested, maintained and certified to scheme specifications transaction flow
  • Pre-tested, maintained and certified to scheme security specifications
  • APIs customisable to MAPs and other server-side architectures
  • Protected by Core & WhiteBox

Support Platforms

  • Android 4.4+
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