Mobile Payment

Inside Secure has been one of the pioneers of Mobile Payments and has unique experience in the understanding the requirements of our customers and partners.

This expertise has resulted in the development of the URPay Software Development Kit (SDK), designed to speed the integration of Mobile Payment services into Issuers’ Banking Apps or as stand-alone Mobile Wallets.


Mobile Payment

Inside Secure now offers a wallet server to Card Issuers wishing to accelerate their own-branded Mobile Payment services.

WalletServer delivers a Visa VTS MAP and MasterCard MDES PAS as standard and integrated directly with URPay and URWallet to deliver rapid time to market and minimal development.


Mobile Payment

Built on top of the standard URPay SDK, featuring the same highly secure architecture and compatibility with Payment Scheme's HCE Payment specifications; Inside Secure now provides a customisable white-label solution to Card Issuers wishing to accelerate their own-branded Mobile Payment services.

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Online, mobile and at physical Point of Sale secure payments

Issuer Banks globally are actively considering and developing their Mobile Payment products - cardholders expect them to provide this service in the near term.

As a Visa Token Service integration partner, with strategic relationships with other major payment schemes, Inside Secure is ideally placed to accelerate Issuing banks’ connections directly to the Payment Schemes’ growing tokenisation services.

This provides banks with a smooth route to utilise the aggregation ability of these token services to develop their own wallet product or to incorporate Mobile Payment features into their existing Mobile Banking Apps.

Couple this expertise with Inside Secure’s URPay technology, which provides HCE functionality based on the leading payment brand standards in a single SDK,  Mobile Banking and Payment Application developers are able to rapidly accelerate their time to market by combining HCE, Payment and Security as an integrated packaged solution.

These new standards allow exactly the same Token Services (VTS & MDES) and payment card networks to be used for Payments made within other Mobile Apps, online-services and even non-Mobile Device payments. The principle is simple, a seamless method of payment for on-line, mobile and at physical Point of Sale.

"Payments Everywhere, Anywhere"