Software Protection

The Mobile App is fast becoming the preferred method for gaining access to critical online services for individuals (and enterprises). This increasingly means that sensitive personal and business information is being stored and managed on Smart Phones and Tablets.

Criminals are increasingly aware of the value of this data. They are intelligent, highly resourced and able to exploit weaknesses in Mobile Platforms, Operating Systems and Applications.


Software Protection

Trust is at the heart of any modern business. As an increasing number move to deliver services on Software Platforms, App Security becomes a critical matter of Customer and Brand Protection.


Software Protection

Every application containing critical sensitive data requires some form of cryptography, either using public key or symmetric methods. To be effective, these keys need to be kept private from potential attackers. If attackers can access the keys, then they can access the sensitive data.

Mobile Payment

Mobile Payment Applications (or Wallets) are being driven by the exponential growth in both Contactless Payment acceptance and Mobile Device adoption globally


Mobile Payment

Inside Secure has been one of the pioneers of Mobile Payments and has unique experience in the understanding the requirements of our customers and partners.

This expertise has resulted in the development of the URPay Software Development Kit (SDK), designed to speed the integration of Mobile Payment services into Issuers’ Banking Apps or as stand-alone Mobile Wallets.


Mobile Payment

Inside Secure now offers a wallet server to Card Issuers wishing to accelerate their own-branded Mobile Payment services.

WalletServer delivers a Visa VTS MAP and MasterCard MDES PAS as standard and integrated directly with URPay and URWallet to deliver rapid time to market and minimal development.


Mobile Payment

Built on top of the standard URPay SDK, featuring the same highly secure architecture and compatibility with Payment Scheme's HCE Payment specifications; Inside Secure now provides a customisable white-label solution to Card Issuers wishing to accelerate their own-branded Mobile Payment services.

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Who uses Inside Secure’s Software Security Products?

  • Financial institutions ensure that their own Mobile Application Security have not been compromised and their customers’ data is not at risk (Banking, Insurance, Merchant Banking & Trading)
  • Mobile Payment Providers have access to a unique Dual Scheme (Visa & MasterCard) HCE Solution and can be confident in its security and certification.
  • Enterprise Software OEMs protect their BYOD/MAM containers and 3rd party apps from subversion, thus preventing critical data loss at thier customers.
  • Mobile IoT developers are increasinly connecting Apps to Vehicles, Medical Systems and Smart Homes, the data and connectivity has to be protected.
  • Content Providers protect Player and DRM applications, protecting DTV content from unauthorised exploitation, advertisement removal, rogue devices & piracy, thus protecting revenues.
  • IoT developers ensure that their devices, such as network routers, Avionics & Telematics, M2M devices or Medical Devices, have not been compromised and continue operating as built.