Security Protocol Packet Engines

Intelligent Packet Engines – Built-in Knowledge for Optimal Performance

Intelligent Packet Engines deliver optimized hardware support for network security. Unlike simple crypto-only engines, they contain complete protocol knowledge, delivering the benefits of throughput acceleration and CPU offload.  Packet engine architectures range from the traditional look aside engines to the more sophisticated, powerful inline packet engines.   

INSIDE Secure’s SafeXcel IP Intelligent Packet Engines offer acceleration of IPsec, MACsec, SSL/TLS/DTLS, sRTP and basic hash-crypto operations at target speeds ranging from 100Mbps to 40Gbps and beyond.

Download the Intelligent Packet Engines Family Overview


Meeting the Demand for Secure Networking Equipment

In today’s Enterprise, network security is a top priority, driven by the need to prevent costly data breaches and to meet compliance requirements such as PCI, HIPPA, and Sarbanes-Oxley.  To these requirements networks must be secured to against data leakage within the physical network infrastructure of routers, bridges and switches, as well as across a range of connected devices.
Delivering products with a robust level of security can be a challenge for design teams, who often lack the knowledge and expertise in cryptography and standards necessary to meet these stringent requirements in a timely manner.


Get to Market Faster with Optimized Security IP

Get to market quickly with security IP that is optimized for your design, providing the features you need without the expense and schedule impact of special development work. INSIDE has both a huge range of IP building blocks and the expertise to help your team select a configuration tailored to your specific requirements.


Look Aside Packet Engines

A family of security engines for Look-aside processing of IPsec, MACsec & SRTP Operations, and acceleration of SSL/TLS/DTLS Operations.
- SafeXcel-IP-93 Low Gate Count Look Aside Packet Engine Family
Download EIP-93 data sheet
- SafeXcel-IP-97 Look-Aside Packet Engines for Single and Multi-Core SoCs
Download EIP-97 data sheet


In-line Packet Engines

A family of security engines for In-line processing of IPsec, MACsec, SRTP, and acceleration of SSL/TLS/DTLS protocols
- SafeXcel-IP-96 High Performance Crypto Transform Engine Family
Download EIP-96 data sheet
- SafeXcel-IP-197 Packet Engines for Mobile Application Processors
Download EIP-197b for Application Processors data sheet
- SafeXcel-IP-197b Packet Engines for (Mobile) Application Processors
Download EIP-197b data sheet 
- SafeXcel-IP-197 Packet Engines for Network and Server Processors
Download Server EIP-197e for Server Processors data sheet


MACsec Frame Engines - Semiconductor IP Security Solutions for line-rate frame processing

A family of security engines for AES-GCM based security processing of MACsec frames and authenticated encryption/decryption at line rate from 1 to 100 Gbit/s. 
- SafeXcel-IP-62  MACsec Transform Engines
- SafeXcel-IP-160 MACsec Flow-Through Security Engines 
- SafeXcel-IP-165 MACsec Flow-Through Security Engine for Ethernet PHYs
Download MACsec IP family data sheet


Engage with the Market Leader

With decades of experience in designing silicon security products, INSIDE Secure is the leading vendor of complete, reliable, and high-quality semiconductor IP products, featuring small gate counts, high performance cost-efficient designs and clearly-documented product interfaces.  INSIDE Secure's global presence and expertise in security IP design enables us to provide our customers with world-class OEM support that is unmatched in the industry - supporting your design-in process and ensuring the success of your project.