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Cryptography Engines

INSIDE Secure’s Cryptography Engines are standalone hardware IP cores for accelerating various symmetric, asymmetric ciphers , HASH and HMAC based integrity algorithms as well as true random number generators. SafeXcel IP cryptographic engines can be used for hardware acceleration, storage, WIMAX, 3G and Long Term Evolution (LTE), and PKI/PKA infrastructure.  


Get to Market Faster with Optimized Security IP

Get to market quickly with security IP that is optimized for your design, providing the features you need without the expense and schedule impact of special development work. INSIDE Secure has cryptographic cores, TRNG and Public Key Accelerator choices for low gate count, low power designs, as well as configurations for very high performance requirements. Designed for full scalability and an industry leading performance over gate count ratio, these choices address a range of needs for semiconductor OEMs and provide a reliable and cost-effective IP solution that is easy to integrate into SoC designs. INSIDE’s experts in cryptographic IP will work with your design team to help you select the optimal set of modules for your unique requirements.


Asymmetric  Cryptography and Secure Control Plane Functions

Secure access to control plane functions is based on a Public Key Infrastructure that can implement nonce generation, key generation, key exchange and digital signatures using advanced asymmetric cryptography.  Inside Secure offers a set of hardware IP modules that provide flexible, comprehensive support for these operations, delivering security that can be configured to meet the requirements of target applications. These hardware IP modules are organized as a robust True Random Number Generator (TRNG) and a family of Public Key Accelerators.


True Random Number Generators  

  • SafeXcel-IP-76 True Random Number Generators FIPS-140-2/140-3/SP800-90a/b/c compliant

Download EIP-76 data sheet


Public Key Crypto Accelerators  

  • SafeXcel-IP-28 Public Key Accelerator Cores  
  • SafeXcel-IP-150 Public Key Processor Cores
  • SafeXcel-IP-154 Public Key Processor Farm Cores

Download EIP-28, EIP-150, EIP-154 data sheet


Public Key Infrastructure  

  • SafeXcel IP-154 for a Public Key Infrastructure

Download EIP-154 data sheet


Symmetric Cryptography

AES Ciphers
  • SafeXcel-IP-32 AES ECB Crypto Core Family
  • SafeXcel-IP-36 AES ECB/CBC/CTR Crypto Core Family
  • SafeXcel-IP-37 AES Key Wrap Crypto Core Family
  • SafeXcel-IP-38 AES XTS/LRW/GCM Crypto Core Family        

Download EIP-38 data sheet

Block Ciphers
  • SafeXcel-IP-16 3DES Crypto Core Family
  • SafeXcel-IP-17 Multi2 Ciphers
  • SafeXcel-IP-18 Camellia Crypto Core Family
  • SafeXcel-IP-19 C2 Ciphers
3G/4G/LTE Ciphers  
  • SafeXcel-IP-06 Kasumi Crypto Core Family
  • SafeXcel-IP-46 SNOW 3G Crypto Core Family
  • SafeXcel-IP-48 ZUC Crypto Core Family
Streaming Ciphers
  • SafeXcel-IP-44 ARC4 Crypto Core Family
Hash and HMAC cores
  • SafeXcel-IP-57: MD5/SHA1/SHA224/SHA256/SHA384/SHA512/SHA3 Hash cores
  • SafeXcel-IP-57-HMAC: MD5/SHA1/SHA224/SHA256/SHA384/SHA512/SHA3 HMAC cores