QuickSec® Mobile VPN Client

Meets Enterprise and Government security needs quickly and cost-effectively

Android smartphones and tablets have quickly become popular among consumers, but their reach in business has been limited by the fundamental lack of security and manageability features in the operating system.  In particular a VPN that lacks support for advanced security and user authentication, mobile device management (MDM) and FIPS certification place Android at a disadvantage compared to other popular devices.  

Now, OEM’s can now go beyond the native Android capabilities and deliver a mobile VPN client that meets the most stringent requirements of business and government’s -offering out-of-the-box functionality and compliance with security polices


Enterprise Ready Out of the Box

Enterprise’s have been using VPN technology for years to provide a secure encrypted communications tunnel for accessing sensitive and critical information and applications- and it’s now become a basic requirement of many security polices governing the use of mobile devices as well. This means that any mobile device whether owned by the organization or the BYOD consumer must be compatible with the existing technology, infrastructure and security policies already in place.  

INSIDE’s market leading Mobile VPN Client for Android meets these requirements and has key features that put it miles beyond the pre-loaded Android VPN client. INSIDE’s FIPS-certified VPN client is interoperable with all the major VPN gateways and includes IKEv1, IKEv2, MOBIKE, IPv6, tunnel mode IPsec, L2TP, Xauth, EAP-based authentication, NSA Suite B cryptography, and split tunneling. And with features like support for Mobile Device Management, concurrent VPNs, and PKCS#11, INSIDE ‘s Mobile VPN Client is robust enough for enterprise, government and military use.  


Mobile Optimized with Proven Technology and Interoperability

With millions of clients currently in use, INSIDE has a long history of expertise in VPN technology and cryptography and provides the widest support of the IPsec standard. INSIDE IPsec technology is used commercially by leading VPN gateway vendors as well as by leading mobile vendors.  The QuickSec™ Mobile Client for Android is VPNC certified and has been tested for interoperability with all the major VPN gateways. Mobile VPN Client for Android provides an intelligent architecture that enables minimum runtime memory allocation, which frees CPU and memory resources for other tasks and only starts on demand to avoid using RAM when it is not needed


High Grade Security for  Enterprise & Governments –FIPS, Suite B and STIG            

QuickSec™ Mobile Client for Android uses the FIPS certified SafeZone crypto library, is NSA Suite B complaint and offers security in line with the Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIGs) authored by the U.S. Department of Defense’s Defense Information Systems Agency.  Implementation of this technical guidance provides risk assurance to meet the standards prescribed under the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) authority and to meet the requirements of the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). Besides being utilized in the U.S. Government, the DISA STIG has been adopted for use in the corporate business sector. In addition, the VPN client includes PKCS#11 support for accessing external security tokens such as U.S. government Common Access Cards.


Easy to integrate for quicker time to market

This Mobile VPN client is a Toolkit shipped in source code to allow full control of customization and integration (except the Java Management API that is in binary to maintain compatibility). It comes with enhanced troubleshooting tools for debug information and error cause reporting.  And INSIDE has a dedicated support team ready to assist in integrating the QuickSec™ VPN client if necessary.


Interoperate with ePDG for Mobile Data Off-load

Major carriers are now planning to deliver their services (e.g. VoLTE) through any available WiFi access. To provide their services in a secure way and to authenticate their users, an IPsec connection using IKEv2 and EAP-SIM or EAP-AKA is made from the mobile device to the carriers ePDG. To ensure seamless handover and IP address preservation, the IPsec stack needs to be deeply integrated with the mobile device. That mobile data off-load solution is referred in 3GPP 23.402 and 33.402 as network-based mobility (NBM) over untrusted access.

QuickSec® VPN Client delivers  the advanced IPsec features required to off-load carriers’ services (e.g. VoLTE) to WiFi through an ePDG: multiple concurrent VPNs, EAP-AKA and EAP-SIM, seamless handover, IKEv2, dual IPv4/IPv6 addressing. It has been successfully tested with major carriers and OEM vendors. Downlad the Whitepaper Technical Considerations for Mobile Data Offload with ePDG.