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MatrixSSH™ is an embedded SSH server and library under 50KB, designed for embedded device management. Secure Shell (SSH) is ideal for providing a secure command line for configuring and administering remote devices.

Small Footprint

  • < 70KB code size for SSH protocol
  • 30KB code size for PeerSec Core Technologies
  • MatrixSSH
  • Other SSH

RAM Footprint

  • 12KB during key negotiation
  • 5KB per connected session

Ciphers and Key Lengths

  • AES-256, AES-128, 3DES, SHA-1, MD5
  • AES-CTR and AES-CBC modes
  • RSA Authentication Keys up to 4096 bits
  • Support standard known_hosts, id_rsa and key formats

SSH Protocol

  • SSH 2.0 protocol support
  • RSA and/or password based user authentication
  • Retries limit and retries timeout for interactive login
  • Connection keep-alive support
  • Auto-rekey connection periodically and by bandwidth consumption
  • Security event logging with customizable handler.

Interfaces and Layers

  • C API compatible with C and C++ applications
  • Static and dynamic library targets can add SSH support to existing applications
  • Compatibility with all popular desktop and mobile SSH clients such as OpenSSH

Terminal Support

  • Built in terminal emulator
  • Majority of VT-100 control commands
  • Arbitrary sized terminal window support
  • Customizable banner, login message and prompt

Supporting Technology

  • Memory Interface - Encrypt and decrypt memory buffers directly to the SSH protocol
  • Line by line interface - receive plaintext command lines as they are typed
  • Raw character interface - receive raw, decrypted SSH packets as they arrive
  • Fully functioning SSH Server
  • API and Development documentation
  • Rapid Development support
  • INSIDE Secure Core Technology

System Requirements

  • MatrixSSH does not require memory allocation, file system or multi-thread primitives
  • Terminal emulator and shell language (bash, ksh, etc.) not required
  • (Required) System or hardware source for random number generation
  • (Required for Server) Time APIs
  • (Optional) Use system malloc implementation rather than INSIDE Secure Core Allocator
  • (Optional) Read passwords, certificates and keys from files rather than memory

Supported Platforms

  • MatrixSSH supports all operating systems and has been ported to OSs including VxWorks, eCos, Linux and Mac OS X
  • MatrixSSH has been deployed on systems with no OS, filesystem or memory management.
  • Ported platforms include ARM7 and i386.