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Metaforic Concealer

Metaforic Concealer™ enables software developers to hide sensitive data (e.g., encryption keys) in software and to obfuscate sensitive code. Metaforic Concealer requires  Metaforic Core™.


Data Concealment

Metaforic Concealer provides developers the ability to identify and hide key pieces of information (such as cryptographic keys) that they do not want easily accessible to hackers dissecting their programs. Metaforic Concealer disassembles such data, hiding and encoding pieces of it throughout the code to the point where it becomes extremely difficult for hackers to tease out the desired information.

The core Metaforic software immune system then prevents this protected code and data from being lifted out of context (as previous data hiding competitors have learned, without such protection, hackers wouldn’t need to recover the actual key and could simply use the relevant code fragments as desired).


Code Concealment

To protect sensitive code within an application, such as proprietary algorithms, the code needs to stay in memory for as short a period of time as possible.

Metaforic Concealer provides technology that allows code to be decrypted just in time for it to be executed. This minimizes the time available for an attacker to examine the code. After use, the code is returned to an encrypted state, maintaining its concealment and secrecy. When combined with Metaforic hardware breakpoint protection, this concealing technology also prevents real-time reading of code for extra security.