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Providing FIPS140-2 protection for the Data At Rest 

MatrixDAR for Android is a high performance, FIPS 140-2 certified encryption solution that protects data-at-rest (DAR) in today’s Android smartphones and tablets. MatrixDAR for Android provides full disk encryption to both the device and its removable storage media. It allows Android device manufacturers to quickly and cost effectively integrate FIPS140-2 certified encryption capabilities to meet the demanding requirements of carriers, governments and corporate security professionals. 


Protecting the data on Android devices 

As the trend toward bring-your-own-device (BYOD) continues, users are storing and accessing more highly sensitive corporate and personal information than ever before from their mobile devices. Mobile devices that lack robust data encryption capabilities can be easily compromised if lost or stolen, potentially resulting in significant financial damages to organizations and individuals alike. Full disk encryption for DAR has long been accepted as standard procedure for laptops within the enterprise since it greatly reduces the risk of a costly data breach if a device is lost or stolen. MatrixDAR brings organizations into compliance with the many laws and regulations that now require data to be encrypted with FIPS certified cryptographic module. MatrixDAR offers higher performance and stronger security than native Android with a FIPS 140-2 certified cryptographic module, NIST compliant key management and military strength encryption. 


FIPS140-2 certified cryptographic module 

MatrixDAR replaces native Android cryptographic libraries with SafeZone FIPS cryptographic module (certificate #2389). 


Secure and NIST compliant key management 

MatrixDAR takes special care of properly protecting the encryption key. The key is protected by SafeZone FIPS certified crypto module in compliance with NIST Special Publication 800-132. As the crypto module is running in the user space, the key does not have to be distributed in both user space and kernel as in native Android solution. Instead, only a key identifier is passed to the kernel.


Plugin replacement

MatrixDAR integrates seamlessly in Android devices to provide higher security without modifying the existing user interface. 


Better performance and stronger security

Despite using higher strength encryption, MatrixDAR has consistently delivered a read and write performance better than the native Android solution. The data encryption (XTS-AES with 512-bit key) is accelerated using native instruction set on ARMv8 or on x86 (AES-NI).


Supports latest Android versions 

MatrixDAR  supports up to Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and will integrate with new Android versions. Our Support and Maintenance agreement provides our customers access to all updates and/or upgrades. 


SafeZone FIPS cryptographic module: NIST Validated and field proven

SafeZone FIPS cryptographic module is a GPL free software fully developed by INSIDE Secure and optimized for Android devices. It has been shipped in over 100 million of units due its integration with QuickSec VPN Client, MatrixDAR, MatrixSSL and OpenSSL.



MatrixDAR provides stronger security with better performance 
 • dm-crypt 
 • eCryptfs 
 • FIPS 140-2 certified cryptographic module 
 • AES-XTS with 512 bits key length 
 • Key management compliant with NIST800-132. 
 • Leverage device multi-processing capability 
 • No extra daemons on device 
 • Improved device encryption time 
 • Write speed similar to unencrypted data 
 • Read speed well over native Android 
 • No changes required to the Android UI 
 • Support latest Android versions