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Matrix HCE

HCE based Mobile Payment Application Platform

MatrixHCE provides host card emulation (HCE) functionality based on the leading payment brand standards, starting with support for Android mobile payment apps and plans on extending the support for other Mobile OS in future as the demand grows. MatrixHCE is targeted to allow Mobile Banking & Payment App developers to speed up their development and time to market by combining host card emulation (HCE), Payment & Security as a packaged solution.

MatrixHCE solution benefits from the expertise of INSIDE in NFC, Payment & Mobile Security markets. Recent acquisition of Metaforic technology, further solidifies INSIDE expertise in Mobile Security space.

Securing mobile payment apps requires more than just data encryption. Instead, developers must secure the app code with its logic and processes, data, and keys. MatrixHCE makes it extremely difficult and time-consuming for attackers to understand how a payment application works in order to compromise it. The final purpose is to secure transactions.


MatrixHCE Key Benefits: 

  • Allows faster development cycle & time to market
  • Supports all major global host card emulation (HCE) payment schemes
  • Secure by design & implementation - protects sensitive cardholder data from capture by concealing in protected crypto format and secure transactions
  • Pre-tested with respective payment scheme implementations & partner solution providers


  • Android
  • BlackBerry 10  

Accelerate Mobile Payment App Development with SDK

The MatrixHCE SDK is available to banking and payment application developers. Using the MatrixHCE SDK, they can easily embed payment and security features into their existing mobile apps.

For more information, please download MatrixHCE product sheet here.