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DRM Fusion™ Server

A complete, interoperable server-side DRM solution for download and stream protection.

INSIDE Secure’s DRM Fusion Server is a fifth generation, interoperable, server-side Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution. Designed for wireless and wireline operators and service providers, DRM Fusion Server implements and extends multiple DRM technologies such as Microsoft PlayReady, Windows Media DRM 9, 10 and 10.1, and OMA DRM while providing common integration interfaces.


Complete End-to-End Solution

As an end-to-end DRM solution, DRM Fusion Server can create live and on demand services for any platform, including TV, PC, and Mobile. With DRM Fusion Server, the entire DRM process is enabled: from content protection, rights creation, rights and condition management to license generation and delivery. Licensed content can then be delivered over any IP network to fixed and mobile devices with client-side DRM capabilities.


Advanced Digital Rights Management

INSIDE Secure DRM Fusion Server has built-in support for the more advanced capabilities provided by Windows Media DRM 10, such as direct license delivery to portable devices and license chaining for subscription services. Additionally, it supports all of the DRM features provided by Microsoft PlayReady, Windows Media DRM 9,10 and 10.1, and the OMA DRM 1.0 specifications and therefore interoperates with the most widely adopted and currently available base of DRM clients.


Extended DRM Functionality

DRM Fusion Server is equipped with components that extend server-side DRM agnostic functionality (so no proprietary DRM clients are required). It enables intelligent rights management through an advanced rights template manager that dynamically applies rights and conditions to digital media content.


Comprehensive Integration

DRM Fusion Server is designed to integrate with existing infrastructures. Additionally, it integrates with 3rd party systems such as subscriber management, billing, and authentication. The configurable conditions pipeline of DRM Fusion Server also enables real-time enforcement of contractual obligations such as limits on license volumes and time based constraints on license deliveries.


Proven Reliability

With INSIDE Secure DRM Fusion, you can rapidly build DRM functionality into your existing infrastructure. Fusion is scalable and fault tolerant due to its core architecture based on a message queue backbone. INSIDE Secure has a proven track record as a leader in Rights Management and provides you the most deployed and reliable DRM server implementation available.


Features and Benefits

  • Best of class implementation of open standard specifications
  • End-to-end DRM solution to create live and on demand services for any platform (TV, PC, and Mobile)
  • Fully compliant with Microsoft PlayReady
  • Supports all DRM features provided by Windows Media DRM 10.1
  • Enhances OMA DRM specifications
  • Advanced rights management capabilities
  • Supports packaging of file and stream based content
  • Supports batch encryption and automation
  • Reduced time to market and minimized project risk
  • Designed for integration with existing infrastructures
  • Secure deployment
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Separation of commercial roles facilitating a wide variety of business models
  • Future proof product roadmap