Products & Technologies

Secure Microcontrollers

INSIDE offers a range of contact and contactless secure microcontrollers that share consistent secure 8-/16-bit RISC CPU performance, strong security mechanisms, and enhanced crypto engines to optimize performance and power consumption. The products also provide high-density, low-power EEPROM technologies. Designed to meet the most stringent security requirements, many of these products are EAL5+ Common Criteria security-certified.

As a global leader in secure microcontrollers, INSIDE Secure delivers a comprehensive portfolio of contact, contactless, and dual-interface products for developing secure applications. High reusability between products reduces development time and cost, while INSIDE’s user-friendly hardware and software packaging allows code emulation on the entire range of products. Backed by over 500 patents and patents applications, based on open standards, provenin the market, and delivered with proven production capacity, INSIDE products enable you to quickly bring to market innovative, differentiated products.

Smart Card Readers

INSIDE’s comprehensive portfolio of Smart Card Reader chips (smartread offer) enables customers to obtain secure, high-performance chips for virtually any market segment from a single vendor. Only INSIDE offers hardware platforms alone and with integrated third-party applications, allowing customers to quickly build smart card readers without requiring custom development. Based on 8-bit CISC and 8/16-bit RISC processors, INSIDE’s Smart Card Reader chips deliver outstanding performance and fast time to market.

Secure Solutions

INSIDE’s VaultIC security product family, consisting of security modules, related middleware and personalization services provide customers with standards-based, turnkey solutions for a wide range of applications, enabling them to build complete systems faster with state-of-the-art security.


VAULTiTRUST is a trusted security personalization and provisioning service for Internet of Things (IoT) hardware and software security solutions. While using VAULTiTRUST, INSIDE Secure customers can now introduce highly secure IoT connected devices without the burden or additional manufacturing costs associated with security implementation.

Embedded Software Solutions

The industry's only complete portfolio of Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine, Verimatrix ViewRight, Apple FairPlay (coming soon) standards-based client and server side DRM security solutions to license, protect, and monetize digital entertainment content and services

The ability to enable content access anytime, anywhere, from any device is a crucial success factor for any digital content service. In order to meet these consumer demands and achieve success in emerging digital markets, broadcasters, content owners, mobile operators, and service providers must be able to provide a variety of purchasing and consumption models. The foundation behind any flexible pricing and licensing plan is security.

EMV Payment

The Micropass products powers bank cards with the latest VISA, MasterCard, Discover and First Data Corporation specifications. These INSIDE’s award-winning Micropass® Intelligent payment platform offer advanced security, convenience and flexibility for multiple applications products along with other value-added applications. 

Mobile Payment and Banking

INSIDE helps developers identify and deploy best fit security solutions for mobile payment and banking applications by delivering a comprehensive portfolio of host card emulation SDKs, embedded secure elements and software secure elements that enable best in class security for traditional and emerging transaction schemes.

Mobile Security

INSIDE provides a full range of mobile security solutions to help developers properly secure mobile devices and data against a host of cyber security threats while satisfying user demands for convenience. From secure processing and authentication to anti-tampering and obfuscation, INSIDE provides the flexible security solutions businesses need to mitigate risks and enable mobility.

Protocol Security Toolkits

Our QuickSec® IPsec toolkit, MACsec, MatrixSSL™, MatrixSSH™, and MatrixDTLS™ security toolkits offer handset and networking OEMs the most advanced levels of protection, reliability, and performance. We offer a wide variety of IPsec VPN Client solutions loaded with features for Android and other mobile platforms. We provide off-the-shelf solutions for secure end-to-end communication that are easy to integrate and deploy, and poised to remain current as technology changes. Networking and telecom device and equipment manufacturers can increase performance while saving time and money with our solutions.

Brand Protection

Counterfeiting is a rampant and growing problem—currently the estimated worldwide market value of counterfeit goods exceeds $650 billion dollars. The fraudulent sale of products luxury goods, textiles, wine and spirits, including pharmaceuticals, damage the revenues and reputation of targeted brands. Therefore, it is critical to continuously insure  consumer confidence and increase the perception of trust.


INSIDE Secure offers a full range of anti-counterfeiting solutions that enable consumers and retailers to verify the authenticity of products before purchase. This is achieved by scanning the label with a NFC (Near Field Communication)-enabled smartphone or device. Additionally, INSIDE solutions allow suppliers and brand owners to globally track their products and engage with consumers at the point of sale and beyond to build brand loyalty.


To date, alternative anti-counterfeiting solutions have been largely ineffective because counterfeiters have been able to replicate or circumvent the security features meant to deter fraud. In a cost-effective manner, INSIDE offers the only anti-counterfeiting solution that is based upon Common Criteria (EAL4+) for object identification and FIPS 140—meaning the solution provides the same level of digital security trusted by banks, the U.S. Department of Defense and l’ANSSI in France.


In other words, the consumer becomes the brand inspector!

Silicon IP

INSIDE Secure's award-winning semiconductor IP provides silicon-proven security for next-generation System-on-a-Chip (SoC) and Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) designs. Fully integrated with its QuickSec® Ipsec toolkit, SafeXcel™ IP enables a complete security system—delivering fast time-to-market while reducing design and engineering cost.
INSIDE Secure provides high-performance, highly integrated security engines that support cryptographic algorithms and protocol related security operations for a wide range of applications. Silicon-proven and ready-to-use, the SafeXcel IP security engines are a reliable security solution for chip designers — delivering quick time-to-market while reducing design cost.