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"Driving trust for adaptable SoC / ASIC security architecture in the new connected world"

Adaptable SoC / ASIC security architecture

Security is the primary challenge

Security challenges and threats continue to make headlines in our connected world. Everything connected - cars, lighting systems, smartwatches, white goods, home security devices, medical equipment, airplanes, industrial automation systems… - are vulnerable to cyber security attacks.

Finding the best balance between security, cost and performance

With frequent headlines on cyber security attacks, semiconductor makers, FPGA providers are serious about security, making smart decisions that lead to an optimal balance between security, cost and performance.

Solutions need to specifically crafted for SoCs or ASICs, for the types of threats that the connected devices will be exposed to. To secure these devices, designers need a comprehensive security IP framework that provides the right level of security with the right functions in these devices.

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