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Placing cloud security at the heart

Protecting against increasingly sophisticated attacks, government, enterprise and carriers need a full range of advanced security tools that are complex to manage and deploy. Due to limited budget and shortage of cyber-security experts, they are more and more looking at centralized cloud deployment for example using Security as a Service (SECaaS).

Protecting laptops, smartphones, tablets and connected devices from malwares and cyberattacks, all traffic should be forced through a security cloud using a secure connection such as VPN technology (e.g. IPsec).

Software Defined Network (SDN) technology for cloud security

Robustness of Secure Protocols

Network security vendors need to find the right solutions to better secure and protect private data between connected devices, servers, datacenters and virtual machines on cloud servers. They expect robust technologies to avoid regularly patching security vulnerability. They also need high scalability to cope with growing traffic needs.

The end customers expect their connected devices (laptop, smartphones, tablets … ) to be equipped with secure connection technology that can connect to the security infrastructure they use. That highlight the need for interoperability and compliance with standard protocols such as IPsec, TLS or MACsec.

Certification, such as FIPS140-2, prove the robustness of the security technology and brings confidence in the quality of the implementation.

Inside Secure, at the root of security.

Covering the needs for all network security tools

Secure Communication Toolkits

Data & Communication

Secure communication is a critical component of overall security. It protects privacy and confidential data by ensuring confidentiality and integrity of the communication. It also provides sender authentication that ensures that traffic is coming from a trusted peer, automatically discarding malicious data.

IOT Security Framework

Data & Communication

GUARD embedded IoT security framework is a modular solution allowing IoT device and platform makers to deploy the security they really need. A common API provides the needed cryptographic and certificates tools. Applications may choose FIPS140-2-certified, cryptography, hardware-based security or standard cryptography, depending on their needs. A rich set of security protocols (TLS, DTLS, IPsec) are available for IoT devices and the IoT cloud.

Mobile Device Security

Data & Communication

Helped by a growing set of hacking tools, criminals are targeting mobile devices more than ever to access valuable data, threatening user privacy and confidential information. Common vectors of attack are on another computer using the same Wi-Fi, a compromised wireless router, or a rogue access point. To protect against malware injection or data theft, mobile devices should systematically use a VPN when on untrusted Wi-Fi. Our solutions rely on FIPS140-2-validated cryptography to protect the data through device encryption and IPsec VPN.