Inside Secure is a selected partner of Visa Inc. providing integration services to Issuer banks and other organizations that wish to supply their customers with payment products - such as HCE (Host Card Emulation) Mobile Payments - that utilize VTS (Visa Token Service). Within Visa’s ecosystem, Inside Secure is a Token Service Provider (TSP). TSPs are the route for Issuer’s and other organizations to connect to VTS.

MasterCard Engage Gold Partner

Inside Secure is a MasterCard Engage Gold Partner recognized as having successfully taken MasterCard issuers through the deployment of Mobile Payment solutions.

Trusted mobile payments make your life easier and safer

Trusted online payments on a mobile device and at physical point of sale (POS)

The proliferation of mobile devices is an enormous opportunity for financial services to connect more closely to their customers. Banks have recognized this opportunity and are partnering with their customers to give them greater access and control over their transactions.

Major credit card providers have developed certification programs to ensure their services can be fully trusted and that a standardized ecosystem is the norm. Now it’s necessary that mobile payment partners are fully compliant with global security standards.

The challenge today for credit card providers is to decide which channel (or channels) should be used to reach customers: either third-party wallets such as ApplePay and Samsung Pay or their own Issuer Wallet.

The channel(s) will depend on what the issuer wants to achieve. For many banks this will result in a multi-channel strategy - mixing third-party wallets (OEM “Pays”: ApplePay, SamsungPay, AndroidPay etc) with their own HCE (Host Card Emulation) -based payment solution, each channel providing a different value proposition.

Today , the future for mobile payment services is clear - before most of the sector had been focusing on contactless payments; now, Visa and MasterCard are now developing new standards for mobile payments.

These new standards allow the same token services (VTS & MDES) to be used for payments made within mobile merchant apps, online services and even non-mobile online payments. The principle is simple: a seamless method for online payments on a mobile device and at physical point of sale (POS).

Inside Secure technology is driving trust at the heart of mobile payments.

White Papers: 

Mobile Payment

Application Protection

Mobile Payment Applications (or Wallets) are being driven by the exponential growth in both Contactless Payment acceptance and Mobile Device adoption globally

Inside Secure Strong Authentication is a complete Strong Customer Authentication solution, providing compliance and strong security with exceptional user experience. Built on PKI, the Inside Secure solution helps customers to comply with legislations like PSD2, eIDAS and GDPR in EU, and provides digital signatures with non-repudiation.

Mobile Connect Solutions

Strong Authentication

Mobile Connect is a GSMA initiated service aiming to create a federated and global mobile identity ecosystem driven by the Telecom operators. Inside Secure provides state-of-the-art Smartphone App Authenticator solutions for Mobile Connect, integrating with existing Mobile Connect Identity Gateways.