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Security and Privacy at the Top

Lack of standardization and regulation, interoperability, cost of implementation are the major issues to IoT adoption …However, data privacy and security are the most important barriers to overcome.

Complete Internet of things (IoT) framework of security technologies

The right security to protect the right thing

As an IoT player, you are looking for security solutions that are easy to use and implement because of limited budgets for IoT security. Certainly the demand for IoT security products is dependent on IoT market adoption, but significant needs are already here for many vertical applications and government requirements.

Today, multiple security technologies can efficiently reinforce devices or applications, mitigating security concerns.

However integrated software security is the most critical consideration for the future of IoT. Being proactive about building security into a solution at an early stage of the design process is critical for the success of IoT.

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Internet of things (IoT) Security for Dummies free ebook

Secure Communication Toolkits

Data & Communication

Secure communication is a critical component of overall security. It protects privacy and confidential data by ensuring confidentiality and integrity of the communication. It also provides sender authentication that ensures that traffic is coming from a trusted peer, automatically discarding malicious data.

IOT Security Framework

Data & Communication

GUARD embedded IoT security framework is a modular solution allowing IoT device and platform makers to deploy the security they really need. A common API provides the needed cryptographic and certificates tools. Applications may choose FIPS140-2-certified, cryptography, hardware-based security or standard cryptography, depending on their needs. A rich set of security protocols (TLS, DTLS, IPsec) are available for IoT devices and the IoT cloud.