At Inside Secure, we have focused on security and safety for many years. We specialize in software protection, digital rights management, payment systems, security protocols, hardware security modules (HSM) and more. Our security protocols solutions were designed as a full stack from the ground up for speed and efficiency, IP Cores or software, to be deployed on a small 8-bit controller, 64-bit CPU or Cloud servers.

Inside Secure Primary Business Differentiators


The days of slow technology advances in automotive are over.  In the connected age, automotive OEMs need to advance quickly with the additional requirements of security and safety. Inside Secure helps accelerate our customers’ time-to-market with mature, market-proven solutions.

Non-Opensource - Marketing Advantages & Legal Clarity (IP)

While open source could be very mature and best for fast prototyping, it may open a door for IP infringement, it may be licensed “AS IS” without warranty or liability, and it may be scrutinized by bad-intentioned people or organizations seeking loopholes, and in some cases even offering their “contributions” under disguise.

Inside Secure offers high-end security solutions, which are mature and market proven. Its code is tailored from the ground up for device usage, and does not contain open source.  

Flexible platform - abstraction design

Inside Secure solutions are agnostic to OS, platforms, technology, and markets. Customers have the flexibility to address multiple markets and focus on their strategy without the constraints of their vendor’s technology decisions.

Inside Secure Automotive Solutions

ECU Solutions

Telematic Solutions

Infotainment Solutions

V2X Solutions

Mobile Application

  • Platform protection starts with Secure Boot based on Root-of-Trust, potentially with image encryption, multi-level boot, multiple images with anti-rollback protection.
  • Inside Secure Embedded HSM and VaultIP™ can prevent cloning, illegal performance tuning and counterfeiting while logging and reporting attacks; controlling secure debug, enabling a secure connection with the cloud, including mutual authentication, upgrades, attestation, configuration and more.
  • In the coming years, the Ethernet will gradually replace legacy protocols for in-vehicle communication. MACsec (IEEE 802.1AE) is the industry proven solution for LAN and Inside Secure spearheads the use of MACsec technology and offers best-in-class cores.
  • Mobile applications will play a key role in security and stealing a car might be as easy as hacking those applications. Inside Core™ and WhiteBox™ toolkits provide high-grade security to downloadable mobile applications.
  • Functional Safety - Silicon IP cores are either ready or in the process becoming ISO-26262 ASIL ready including the required documents.
  • From vehicle to infrastructure, Inside Secure offers either HW or SW solutions for IPsec, TLS, and DTLS.
  • For vehicle to vehicle, Inside Secure provides ultra-fast public key cryptographic acceleration.
  • Inside Secure offers a Visa and Mastercard-approved payment solution. Embedding this in a car allows for convenient payment by the car for fuel or electric charge, toll roads and parking fees.
  • Car entertainment systems could enable high-end UHD content with Inside Secure’s most up-to-date DRM and HDCP solutions.

Software Protection

Application Protection

The Mobile App is fast becoming the preferred method for gaining access to critical online services for individuals (and enterprises). This increasingly means that sensitive personal and business information is being stored and managed on Smart Phones and Tablets.

Mobile Payment

Application Protection

Mobile Payment Applications (or Wallets) are being driven by the exponential growth in both Contactless Payment acceptance and Mobile Device adoption globally

Secure Communication Toolkits

Data & Communication

Secure communication is a critical component of overall security. It protects privacy and confidential data by ensuring confidentiality and integrity of the communication. It also provides sender authentication that ensures that traffic is coming from a trusted peer, automatically discarding malicious data.

IOT Security Framework

Data & Communication

GUARD embedded IoT security framework is a modular solution allowing IoT device and platform makers to deploy the security they really need. A common API provides the needed cryptographic and certificates tools. Applications may choose FIPS140-2-certified, cryptography, hardware-based security or standard cryptography, depending on their needs. A rich set of security protocols (TLS, DTLS, IPsec) are available for IoT devices and the IoT cloud.

Inside Secure provides Content Protection downloadable solutions as the necessary tools from server to mobile, allowing content owners and providers to safely distribute OTT premium content.

Multi-DRM, multiple protocols supported, with a wide range of player features: the Content Protection downloadable series cover server encryption only or DRM integration, and mobile DRM decryption to full player protected features.

Inside Secure provides the components required by MovieLabs for the delivery of up to 4K content on STB, SmartTVs or mobile devices to manufacturers who are looking for an embedded DRM solution.

MACsec Engines

Silicon IP

A complete solution comprising of a family of MACsec Security IP and a MACsec software toolkit targeting PHY devices, switches, bridges, and routers for Layer 2 LAN and Metro Ethernet communications. The MACsec engines target deployments in data centers, 5G base stations, enterprise networks, home gateways, IP phones and more. Build Ethernet switch fabrics and PHY devices using MACsec engines to reach speeds from 1Gbps, 10Gbps, 100Gbps, 400Gbps and beyond. The IP provides a complete and standard compliant MACsec solution, which ensures auditable compliance while reducing development cost and time to market. 

Unlike simple crypto-only accelerators, intelligent packet engines contain complete protocol knowledge, delivering the benefits of throughput acceleration and CPU offload. The Multi-Protocol Engine IPs offer acceleration of IPsec, MACsec, SSL/TLS/DTLS, sRTP and basic hash-crypto operations at target speeds ranging from 100Mbps to 50Gbps and beyond, in architectures ranging from the traditional look-aside engines to the more sophisticated, powerful inline packet engines.

Inside Secure’s cryptographic algorithm accelerator IP cores are standalone hardware IP cores for accelerating various symmetric, asymmetric ciphers, HASH and HMAC-based integrity algorithms, as well as true random number generators (TRNG). Vault IP cryptographic engines can be used for accelerating applications for storage, LTE, PKI/PKA infrastructure, HDCP.

Cipher Accelerators

Silicon IP

Inside Secure’s cipher accelerator IP cores are standalone hardware IP cores for accelerating various symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic primitive algorithms. These cores are also embedded in packet engines as well as Vault-IP products.