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VaultIP is a Secure Element delivered, as a synthesizable Verilog RTL source code VaultIP is an embedded security platform that operates independently as an SE and/or to fortify a TEE against software attacks.


Get to Market Faster with Optimized Security IP

Mobile devices with 24x7 connectivity are pervasive and enabling new ways of doing business. With the arrival of Multi-core performance for application processors these devices can run virtually any application, including many which handle highly sensitive, valuable and mission critical information.  Now you can incorporate secure elements in your chip design to  prevent against attacks designed to exploit the weaknesses in an application or operating system by extracting, modifying or destroying information held within the device.  


Multi-Vector Protection

Implemented in Hardware IP, it comprises a tightly integrated set of modules optimized for the ARM architecture.  It provides the ‘trust anchor’ needed by a Secure Operating System to run effectively within a TEE.   VaultIP implements this 'trust anchor’ as a hardware interface to an area of secure, non-volatile memory where keys and other security assets are stored.  All use of these assets go thru VaultIP,; they are never used directly by software, protecting them from software attacks.

The VaultIP ‘Trust Anchor’ can also be implemented in semiconductor designs that do not include a TEE. The secure, non-volatile memory management capabilities are integrated with software operations via a set of VaultIP Access APIs, protecting keys and other sensitive material from any exposure to software attacks.