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Protocol Security Toolkits

INSIDE Secure offers a complete range of secure communication toolkits that are widely used in security gateways, Cloud deployments, smartphones, printers and various IoT devices. All our data security products are designed for interoperability and portability. They are developed and maintained by security experts and delivered as Software Development Kit (SDK) in well documented ANSI C source code, free of GPL constraints. They can be delivered with  SafeZone FIPS140-2 validated cryptographic module.


Our toolkits reduce your time to market, and the long term cost of maintaining complex embedded security technologies. 


INSIDE Secure offer the following secure communication software products:


Session layer:  MatrixSSL and MatrixDTLS; MatrixSSH™;  MatrixSSL™ Interceptor;  MatrixSSL - Tiny Edition


IP Layer:  QuickSec® Mobile VPN Client;  QuickSec™ Toolkit, complete client/server Ipsec software


Layer 2 (Ethernet): MACsec Toolkit


The figure illustrates the different secure communication technologies and their position in a networking stack.



INSIDE Secure also provides  Security Protocol Packet Engines that offer a complete set of Hardware IP providing outstanding cryptographic acceleration.