Enterprise Security Solutions for Networking

Our QuickSec® IPsec toolkit, MACsec, MatrixSSL™, MatrixSSH™, and MatrixDTLS™ security toolkits offer handset and networking OEMs the most advanced levels of protection, reliability, and performance. We offer a wide variety of IPsec VPN Client solutions loaded with features for Android and other mobile platforms. We provide off-the-shelf solutions for secure end-to-end communication that are easy to integrate and deploy, and poised to remain current as technology changes. Networking and telecom device and equipment manufacturers can increase performance while saving time and money with our solutions.



Driven by building solutions to solve compliance requirements, INSIDE Secure’s MACsec Toolkit enables developers to embed MACsec capabilities in to new and existing products.  MACsec is suitable for Ethernet bridges, routers, and hosts.MACsec is the first security toolkit in the market to support this new Ethernet security standard.  This toolkit is highly portable, well documented and commented ANSI C source code suitable for a wide range of platforms.
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MatrixSSH™ is an embedded SSH server and library under 50KB, designed for embedded device management. Secure Shell (SSH) is ideal for providing a secure command line for configuring and administering remote devices.
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Robust IPSec VPN SDK for Networking and Mobile OEMs 
QuickSec® IPsec Client Toolkit enables developers to build complete IPsec VPN client software stack. QuickSec® is a small-footprint IPsec SDK written in highly portable C IPsec source code and delivered with extensive documentation. It support most IPsec RFCs and is tested for high interoperability. It is widely deployed on platforms including Linux, VxWorks and Windows 10 and products such as mobile devices, femtocell, eNodeB, printers, gambling machines… 

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Carrier-grade IPsec SDK for Networking OEMs
QuickSec® Server Toolkit enables developers to build robust IPsec VPN gateway software stack. QuickSec® Server Toolkit is a complete IPsec SDK written in highly portable C IPsec source code and delivered with extensive documentation. QuickSec® Server Toolkit enables robust and standards compliant authentication, confidentiality, and data integrity for security gateways, routers and network servers. 
With hundreds of proven OEM implementations, QuickSec® provides the advanced levels of protection, reliability, and performance mandated by OEM customers and industry standards. 

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MatrixSSL Interceptor provides a friendly way to monitor SSL/TLS traffic in real time without modifying the traffic (passive mode). Contrary to a hostile man-in-the-middle attacks where the proxy breaks the connection, MatrixSSL Interceptor can only be deployed by a valid organization knowing the server(s) secret keys. MatrixSSL Interceptor is optimized for performance: it decrypts both ends of the connection without copying the traffic to multiple memory buffer (zero-copy approach).

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Security Protocol Packet Engines