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Software Application Protection

Render your Applications Self-Defending

Using Metaforic Core software creators automatically build self-defending programs so that deployed instances can protect themselves from hackers, pirates, targeted malware, insider betrayal and even hardware errors.

  • Financial institutions and  Enterprises use Metaforic to ensure that their mobile applications security and internal back-office software have not been compromised and are operating as deployed.
  • Software Publishers and Gaming companies use Metaforic to harden their licensing systems for software piracy protection, thereby increasing revenues.
  • Embedded Device Developers use Metaforic to ensure that their devices, such as network routers or medical implants, have not been compromised and are operating as built.

A Metaforic-protected software program constantly checks itself for health as it runs, identifying even a single bit or byte out of place. Depending on your needs, the software immune system can attempt to repair any problems it finds, report problems to various locations, or terminate the execution of the program.


Designed for All Environments … Especially Hostile Ones

Metaforic protection is designed to operate in a variety of environments, from mobile devices to back-office servers, and does not rely on system administrators or constant updates to keep its software secure.

Metaforic is designed to protect against hackers who have unlimited access to deployed versions of the program, and to resist tampering or reverse-engineering even when hackers can experiment with copies of the protected programs over extended periods of time. With Metaforic, a software program becomes its own protection system and cannot be switched off or separated out.


Easy Integration and Strong Protection

Metaforic Core™, simply integrate into the build system and build applications as before. 

Metaforic software analyzes your code both statically and dynamically (by watching it in operation), then automatically injects an optimized schema of various software antibodies into a copy of your source, which your developers then compile and build as normal. Developers never have to interact with the immune system; this is all handled as part of the automated build process.

Behind the scenes, Metaforic’s intelligent analysis and optimization enables the system to distribute hundreds and thousands of antibodies throughout the code, checking the program and each other, while typically impacting performance <1%. Metaforic antibodies are resistant to detection and automated removal techniques. If any change is made to the executable, multiple antibodies detect the change and respond. Case studies show that our protection is 100x more effective in resisting attacks from hackers or other malware approaches.


Additional Product Line Components

Metaforic Core provides the foundation for all Metaforic software protection; it is a prerequisite for additional Metaforic capabilities:

  • Metaforic Authenticator™– Using the same intelligence provided by Metaforic Core, the Authenticator infuses a series of authentication calls throughout your application.
  • Metaforic Concealer™– Enables developers to hide sensitive data (e.g., encryption keys) in software and to obfuscate sensitive code.
  • Metaforic WhiteBox™– Protects Data at Rest, Data in Transit and Data in Use, bringing complete communications privacy, encryption key protection and data security to critical applications.