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Secure Element in Software

Securing mobile apps requires more than just standard data encryption. Mobile security depends on application security, cryptographic security, tamper resistant software, etc. Developers must build comprehensive protection into app content, logic, data, and cryptography.

The solution to secure elements of mobile devices is MatrixSSE.

INSIDE MatrixSSE provides secure element functionality in software. It provides four powerful protections for apps:   

  • Secure processing: MatrixSSE prevents secrets from being revealed in memory while they are being used by processing them behind a cryptographic boundary. MatrixSSE also protects against any attacks on weaknesses in the original cryptographic algorithm.
  • Tamper resistance: This anti-tamper software enables MatrixSSE -protected applications to defend themselves with a comprehensive runtime integrity checker, preventing hacking, subversion, malware, and other forms of attack from influencing app operations.
  • Obfuscation: MatrixSSE masks app operations so that hackers cannot understand the app or its logic. Obfuscation is useful for protecting jailbreak detection and other critical functions from reverse engineering.
  • Authentication: MatrixSSE applications can validate the authenticity and integrity of other software and hardware components within and across systems.

MatrixSSE Key Benefits: 

  • Allows faster development cycle & time to market
  • Suited for Enterprise BYOD to payment, banking, healthcare, and entertainment markets
  • Security powered by state-of-the-art Dynamic WhiteBox Cryptography
Cryptographic Support  
  • AES encrypt & decrypt (all key sizes)
  • RSA (PKCS#1) encrypt, decrypt & sign (all key sizes)
  • ECC-derived algorithms, including ECDSA (all key sizes)
  • Elgamal
  • Diffie-Hellman
  • HMAC
  • OMAC
  • Enterprise mobility
  • Financial
  • Payment, including HCE payment
  • BYOD
  • Digital rights management
  • Industrial infrastructure
  • Healthcare
  • Embedded solutions
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Blackberry 10
  • Linux
  • OSX
  • Windows Phone

Accelerate Secure Mobile App Development with MatrixSSE

The MatrixSSE is available to Mobile application developers. Using the MatrixSSE tools, they can easily embed security features into their existing mobile apps.

For more information, please download MatrixSSE product sheet here.