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DRM solutions

Digital Rights Management (DRM) Solutions

The industry's only complete portfolio of Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine, Verimatrix ViewRight, Apple FairPlay (coming soon) standards-based client and server side DRM security solutions to license, protect, and monetize digital entertainment content and services

The ability to enable content access anytime, anywhere, from any device is a crucial success factor for any digital content service. In order to meet these consumer demands and achieve success in emerging digital markets, broadcasters, content owners, mobile operators, and service providers must be able to provide a variety of purchasing and consumption models. The foundation behind any flexible pricing and licensing plan is security.

Only with the adoption of industry standards-based security solutions can broadcasters, mobile operators and service providers stay in control of their DRM policies while providing consumers with device and network agnostic feature-rich content and services. Adoption of closed, proprietary DRM solutions or Conditional Access Systems (CAS) instead ties broadcasters, mobile operators and service providers to a single DRM supplier therefore limiting device and network interoperability and leaves their consumers reliant on a DRM solution that is not guaranteed for the long haul.

DRM Fusion Server
DRM Fusion Agent for Embedded Deployment
DRM Fusion Agent for Downloadable Deployment


DTCP-IP and HDCP Content Protection Solutions  

DTCP-IP and HDCP are two of the most widely adopted methods of protecting digital entertainment content such as high-definition movies, pay-per-view television or music on home and personal networks including devices such as, PCs, tablets, smartphones and gaming devices. They have been widely adopted across the globe in consumer electronics products from set top boxes and digital TVs to Blu Ray and DVD recorders; in conjunction with a spectrum of cable, satellite, and media services; and over a variety of wireless and wired interfaces.


INSIDE content protection solutions incorporate the latest versions of both DTCP-IP and HDCP and are available as software and hardware IP.  These offerings provide a robust, cost-effective and transparent method for transmitting and receiving digital entertainment content to digital displays via wireless connections such as Bluetooh, Wi-Fi, WHDI, WirelessHD and wired connections such as USB, Ethernet, DiiVA, HDMI and DVI.  By incorporating technologies with broad industry support from the major players in the digital entertainment value chain, including major motion picture studios and the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) you can quickly bring to market devices that will be interoperable and meet the growing demands of digital media consumers.

HDCP Solutions
DTCP-IP Solutions

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