DRM Agent for Downloadable Deployment


One Solution, Multiple Platforms - Save time, Reduce Cost, Accelerate Deployment


Any Content, Any Device, Anytime

Consumers expect easy and convenient access to latest books, games, movies and TV shows wherever they are. INSIDE Secure enables content and service providers to securely deliver content to virtually any mobile device the way users want it, online or offline, including services like OTT, VoD, and Live TV with Catch-Up. 
INSIDE Secure Downloadable DRM Fusion Agent is a robust client-side software solution that enables Multi- DRM protected content on Apple iOS and Google Android devices.
Downloadable DRM Fusion Agent allows the use of multiple monetization options across different business models including subscription services, advertising revenue, rentals and single purchases.


Reduce Time to Market

Downloadable DRM Fusion Agent reduces Multi-DRM implementation costs and time-to-market dramatically by eliminating the dependencies on device manufacturers for embedded DRM solutions. Downloadable DRM Fusion Agent is based on industry standard content protection and provides a clear and easy-to-use API for mobile application developers. It allows rapid creation of branded secure mobile video apps across all tablets and smartphones.
Designed for the real-world, Downloadable DRM Fusion Agent enables distribution of protected high-value content up to 4K/Ultra HD and HDR in a single uniform and secure way across all supported platforms and devices. It is designed to interoperate with any standard DRM server and is complemented by a plug-and-play version of INSIDE Secure DRM Fusion Server for customers without an existing DRM server. INSIDE Secure unique ability to provide end-to-end content protection enables immediate deployment.


Complete Content Delivery Coverage

The Downloadable DRM Fusion Agent can be deployed with most media formats whether online, offline or hybrid including:

Multi-DRM systems including:

  • Microsoft PlayReady SL3000
  • Google Widevine
  • Verimatrix ViewRight ®
  • Apple FairPlay (coming up)

Adaptive streaming support including:

  • HTTP Live Streaming
  • Smooth Streaming

Offline /download Playback capabilities

  • Complete files
  • Progressive download
  • Cached Smooth Streaming     

Extensive Media Player Support

Downloadable DRM Fusion Agent is pre-integrated with the Android and iOS native media players. Where additional media codecs and formats are required, INSIDE Secure can provide an integrated 3rd party SW media player as part of the package


Security and Protection

The Downloadable DRM Fusion Agent complies with Microsoft PlayReady SL3000. All software components are protected with code obfuscation and other anti-tampering mechanisms. Security features include:

  • Detection of device jailbreaking and rooting
  • HDMI control APIs, Output Protection Level control
  • Support for post-provisioning and individualization
  • Support for all DRM usage rights
  • Clock rollback detection

Successful independent security audits have proven the robustness of INSIDE solution.

The Downloadable DRM Fusion Agent also complies with the most robust security features provided by other DRM systems:

  • Google Widevine
  • Verimatrix ViewRight ®
  • Apple FairPlay (coming up)


Easy Customization and Cost-Effective Application Integration

The clean and simple API allows the creation of a customer specific user experience, while INSIDE Secure provides reference integration code and an extensive test framework, that ensure the success of the integration project. Downloadable DRM Fusion Agent also supports enhanced offerings with specific content like sub-titles, multichannel audio or closed captioning.

Downloadable DRM Fusion Agent exposes an easy to use API for application integration. This API covers all the different DRM technologies supported, saving time on integration as the integration is done only once and the actual deployed DRM schemes can be chosen at compile time.


Key Features

  • A robust and compliant Microsoft PlayReady implementation that has been approved by major studios and content owners
  • Multi-DRM support including Google Widevine, Verimatrix ViewRight, Apple FairPlay (coming soon)
  • Proven robust security compliant with 4K/Ultra HD and HDR content distribution
  • DRM protected download, side-load, and progressive download
  • Support for ad-insertion and personalization
  • Pre-activated and post-activated video application distribution
  • OS Specific APIs available (Android/Java, iOS/Objective C CAPI)
  • Support for ASF, MWV, PIFF, CFF (Ultraviolet), Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV (HbbTv 2.x) 





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