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INSIDE delivers security at the heart of the device to enhance existing smart card-based security models


BARCELONA, Spain, March 2, 2015 – Inside Secure (Euronext Paris: INSD), a leader in embedded security solutions for mobile and connected devices, announced that the company’s CEO Rémy de Tonnac, is sharing INSIDE’s vision to fundamentally re-shape the industry’s approach to security in response to today’s “Internet of Everything”, where billions of devices must be trusted. Inside Secure, which recently won the coveted Frost and Sullivan European Company of the year, recognizes the world of security is changing and the time has come to enhance existing security models with a truly embedded model that delivers security at the heart of the device or application that needs to be secured.  INSIDE recently announced an important milestone supporting this vision -- the groundbreaking certification time of an IP component to just one month (versus 1 year), dramatically speeding time to market for secure devices.


“INSIDE is completely unbiased in our approach to security because we own a comprehensive range of security semiconductor hardware solutions, software and intellectual property components for any mobile or IoT embedded environment,” said Rémy de Tonnac, CEO of Inside Secure. “We believe there is no market player able to match this offering which revolutionizes the way in which the consumer can access audio and video content, problems associated with the security of companies, mobile financial services, mobile payments, or the booming Internet of Things.”


The substantial growth observed in the global market for mobile and IoT devices, including smartphones, tablets, and handheld computing devices and their uses, creates a tremendous opportunity for Inside Secure. As a matter of fact, all of these products will require security in order to protect transactions, content, and communication.  In this age of mobile computing and the Internet of Everything, billions of devices need to be trusted.


For example, industry analysts agree thatthe potential trillion dollar Internet of Things (IoT) business opportunity rests precariously on one critical factor – security. However, despite increasing cyber-attacks and ample warning from security experts, most organizations do not provide adequate security and privacy safeguards for their IoT products. Further, despite rising consumer concerns regarding data privacy, 47% of organizations do not provide any privacy related information regarding their IoT products.


However, current security solutions are not enough. Internet security is at the edge of an important crossroads, from the world of “connected security” to “embedded security”, where only true protection lies. Security is moving from a world where any device/object was considered “secure” when connected to a smart card -- to a world of security embedded at the heart of the system, at the heart of the main processor of the device.


Major manufacturers of devices and mobile applications are adopting this new model which could soon be the de facto standard for securing Internet mobile and connected devices.


Inside Secure is uniquely positioned to provide solutions for mobile and IoT platforms to serve key markets including:

•        Payment and Mobile Banking

•        Content Protection and Entertainment

•        Enterprise and Secure Access,

•        Secure IoT and Brand Protection


Rémy de Tonnac continued “Inside Secure is the only market player simultaneously offering hardware-only-based solutions (based on secure microcontrollers), software-only-based solutions, and a combination of both hardware and software, in addition to a broad intellectual property solutions portfolio, thereby addressing a full range of security solutions.  INSIDE intends to remain a key player in the mobile security industry while establishing a presence in the emerging Internet of Things and Brand Protection (anti-counterfeiting) markets.”


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Inside Secure (Euronext Paris FR0010291245 – INSD) provides comprehensive embedded security solutions. World-leading companies rely on Inside Secure’s mobile security and secure transactions offerings to protect critical assets including connected devices, content, services, identity and transactions. Unmatched security expertise combined witha comprehensive range of IP, semiconductors, software and associated services gives Inside Secure customers a single source for advanced solutions and superior investment protection. For more information, visit



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